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Weekly Preview/Shout out

January 13,2020

Happy Monday Everyone

We hope you had a wonderful weekend. We hit the high 60’s here just north of Boston, Unheard of for January around these parts. On average the first couple weeks of January are when the arctic cold blast comes down to visit us and temperatures barely make it out of the single digits. No need to get alarmed now, it’s not Global warming or that climate change thingy some folks are all panic stricken about. While rear, It’s not an unusual thing here in New England for this to happen. I recall having a very similar warm weather pattern just before the February Blizzard of 78 that dumped Eight Feet of snow on us within 48 hours and literally paralyzed the area for weeks. The forecast for that storm was just a dusting to a couple inches of snow. 

Hmmm… now thinking about it I better double check the snow blower and grab a couple new shovels.

But anyways this is not the weather channel Blog. I just wanted to give a shout out to you all on what to expect this coming week.

Week Three Game Plan: Week Three we’ll begin pushing products to the webstore and making some adjustments to the now published Catalog sample pages and adding a few additional more detailed pages of the features that we’ll be incorporating (Mainly “The Stone Age Project” and “The Bradford LifeStyles Marketplace”

This week we’ll be pushing lots of Medieval style Items like Swords, Knives, Armor and Replicas, along with a wide variety of Medieval LARP Clothing and accessories. There are currently 26 catalogs for previewing that are linked in our Catalog Preview page and approximately 1,000 of over 5,000 Die Cast Model Cars currently displayed in the web store with more being published this week.

There’s a lot that will be coming in the weeks and months ahead like Electronics, Home Decor, Appliances and more so be sure to sign up for our newsletter News On The Wings and or become a site member or merchant. To stay up to date on the latest developments. It’s going to be a busy week, so I don’t know if I’ll have time to get a mid-week shout out to you all, But if I don’t I’ll catch up with you at the roundup Friday or Saturday.

You all have a wonderful week ahead. And remember If you’re a New Englander…Break out those shovels and rev up the snow blowers because here in New England we all know…

Expect the Unexpected because Ya never know what’s around the corner.

We'll See You At The Round Up!

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