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Weekly Round UP January 18, 2020

Hello everyone, welcome to this week’s round up.

My apology for the late posting, I’ve been booged down with some technical storm surges during the later part of this past week which pretty much ate up all my time. I will not bore you with the details. And I will get straight to the point and keep this round up very short as we are swamped with work here.

As you will notice there has been some new additions to the website along with some removals of some products from the web store namely our collection of Die Cast Car models. I’ve removed all die cast models and have cut ties with our supplier. Until they secure and lock down their data in fact to be honest with you, I will not be doing business with them anymore. So until I can contract with another distributor, or supplier or perhaps the manufacturers themselves  It came to our attention they were infected with some malicious java script know as Formjacking. A relatively new but sophisticated and powerful tool used by hackers to steal peoples credit card, personal, and financial information. It’s very similar to the technique thieves use when they steal information at ATM’s with ATM Skimmers. You can read more about form jacking HERE. We’ve also had a dozen or so IP address lock outs this week. Our system locks out IP addresses from which multiple failed log ins occur. None of which came from site members thus it was an attempt to breach our website members area.

At this point I don’t know where this new type of attack originated or the motives behind this new style of data theft now in use. Most likely just some unscrupulous people trying to steal people’s credit card and financial information, but its also not beyond the realm possibility it could by proxy attacks from big tech e-commerce on smaller less sophisticated e-commerce websites in an attempt to dominate the market place and increase their profit margin and bottom line (another form of Corporate Espionage if you will) or perhaps some foreign entity. I don’t know, I rule out nothing and everyone’s a suspect in matters of this sort in my book. Greed and the way greed affect’s people is an ugly nasty thing.

So, it’s been another difficult week here to say the least but we’re (and our members) are safe and secure here at Bradford LifeStyles.

But perhaps not nearly as difficult as our President, Donald Trump has had. It’s a difficult, frustrating and angering thing to watch unfold. The sleazy and underhanded political tactic’s being used by some entities in our government. I don’t particularly like mixing politics with this website.

But enough is enough, whats happening is an atrocity, insult and not only an unlawful attack on our president but also an attack on the American people and our system of laws and constitution. So to show our support, We’ve added a new landing page to show our support for our President.

Which brings us to the topic of “Operation Stone-Age” that we will be soon launching. Operation Stone age is not only an added level of security for our site and members but also a great business model and means for our members to increase their profits and compete in today’s competitive e-commerce marketplace, more to come on that in future posts.

See you all at the next roundup.

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