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The Year of The MAKAGA

Welcome Back Everyone

We have Weathered the covid 19 corona virus storm and America is back in business. Are you all ready to MAKAGA?

It’s great to be back online. 

For our pre-grand reopening and first post covid publication, News on the Wings  is introducing Our MAKAGA Project. (pronounced: “Ma-Kar-Ga”) 

We’re on a mission:

To do our part to help restore America to her Greatness.

It is good to be back online and Bradford LifeStyles is proud to be an e-commerce member of the MAKAGA AMADA and participate in the MAKAGA Project.

Image of The MAKAGA Project Logo with American Flag, Fireworks, Title and Subtitle

We’ll be rolling that out and discussing the MAKAGA a lot in the coming publications of the News on The Wings Newsletter, Along with more of Operation Stone-Age.  

We will also be previewing a Featured American Company

Bradford LifeStyles is a proud and officially authorized Hogue Knives Dealer. An outstanding family owed American business. Who has been in business for 50+ years building a legacy of manufacturing and selling uncompromised quality American Made Knives, firearms accessories, and gear.

Featured American Business.

We thought Hogue would be a great 1st company preview for our grand re-opening and the first re-opening publication of the News on the Wings newsletter. Below you can click on the Hogue catalog page links for previewing.

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