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Weekly Round UP: An Analogy for the Return to Success and Greatness

Posted: 02/01/2020

No Business no matter how large or small can survive and be prosperous without proper management and qualified people within that organization even with the best CEO at the helm.

We all have families to support, mouths to feed, bills to pay, rent or a mortgage to pay in order to keep a roof over our heads and keep safe and warm right? Imagine for a moment your working for a company; a large powerful company. Perhaps one that was once not only the best biggest and most powerful, but also the most prosperous corporation in the world.

A corporation that YOU, as an employee regardless of your position in the organization, whether it be an entry position mail room clerk or an administrator of some sort at the national or corporate headquarters, got to vote on who ran and managed the company. From the department managers and administrators right on up to the board of directors and the CEO Him/herself and not the shareholders.

Are you with me so far? Good! Let’s move on. You love this company, Its provided you and your family, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, cousins and so on with a safe and secure working environment along with a steady secure source of income to provide for your family for generations, along with additional, abundant opportunities to for each generation that has come before you and has made and given each generation a better quality life and higher standard of living.

But for decades the company has slipped into a slow decline due to bad decision making and bad policies on the part of those who have been elected to manage and administrate the duties and obligations of that company and take care of the employees. But the root problem is much, much deeper and complicated than just bad decision making and policies. There is a deeply rooted issue within the company involving a toxic unhealthy and destructive force that over the years has consumed many individuals and groups within that company who have become obsessed with an unquenchable appetite of greed and for power.

The problems created by this have taken on numerous shapes and many forms. Along with creating many conflicts between employees and management at all levels of that company from top to bottom. The result of course is none other than that once great company now no longer being productive and prosperous, not only for the company as an entity in and of itself but to the point where it has become a danger and life threatening to all of its employees and their families.

Now along comes an outsider, an outsider who is not a rival or competitor nor threat to that company but rather someone who has built his own very successful company. An individual who is by no means perfect or the prettiest, in fact even comes with a few zit’s and warts on his face as we all do, but who comes with a wealth of experience, knowledge and understanding of what it takes and what is needed to make a company successful and what it would take to bring that company back to life and restore that company to greatness and restore the employees faith and hope and make them proud to be employees of that great company once again.

The Employees vote him in as the CEO but then all hell breaks loose as those who are sitting on the board of executives, and those who have for too long been in power and running the company into the ground rebel.

Despite the outstanding job performance and his ability to begin turning that company around and reversing its direction pulling it out of a downward spiral that was destined for a crash and burn, Level it off and even begin steering it back to an upward assent to greatness.

The board members, blinded by their own jealousy, hate, and rage, rebel and attempt to destroy and sabotage his efforts at every turn, decision and policy. They began fighting among themselves, turn on each other and even worse turn on the very employees that elected him. Yet despite their efforts he remains focused and continues with one success after the other. They finally attempt to illegally remove him without the employees say or consent. Again, the attempt fails, and they vow “Dam the employees We will not stop until he is removed”.

What do we the Employees Do?

We Vote them out, Kick them off the Board of Trustee’s and out of our Corporate headquarters.

That’s What We Do.

That CEO is Donald Trump, and that company and Corporation is The United States of America and our Charter is The United States Constitution.

And That my friends, is how “WE” the people will save and run our Company, Country and Nation and each other.


EFFECTIVE Tuesday, November 3, 2020.


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