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Weekly Roundup 11/29/2020

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may not be the internet and retail champs anymore; There’s a newbie contender on the horizon and he wants a shot at the title. He’s expected to step into the ring sometime in the near future and he looking mean and lean and Green, YeeUp! you read that right, “GREEN”! (Green as in you get to keep as much of that green stuff in your wallets, purses, and pockets as possible he can make possible) He’s the underdog, loser and bum of the E-commerce arena no one knows exists. And those who do (the big commerce giants) are just laughing him off as just another wannabe. He’s like the street fighting uneducated dumb Hollywood bum called “The Italian Stallion” Rocky Balboa. No malice or insult intended Rock) He’s the underdog, and goes by the name “The Irish Stallion” (well at least for the time being until he can come up with a more crafty and catchy nickname like say… Idono “The Potato Knocker” or “The E-com Cyber Emerald” aka (Bradford LifeStyles) who’s about to step into the e-commerce ring uninvited, unwanted and who for five years now has been ignored online by shoppers, big commerce, big tech and the search engine SEO Algorithm Gods. But that’s all about to change. Well we hope anyways, but it will take a small army of salespeople and small brick and mortar stores across the country to help train, and get in shape for the big bout and perhaps win the title.

Squiggly our News On The Wings Editor caught up with him at the E-commerce cyber gym working out and got an exclusive interview, Squiggly asked him a few questions about how he plans to win the title and the hearts, minds, and wallets of Americans. Here’s what he had to say below.

Yo, Hey Everybody,

I just wanted to give yawl a big Hello and Happy Thanksgiving week shout out, and say I hope it was a really great one for everybody. I really enjoyed my quite Thanksgiving week and had a lot of time to reflect on and be thankful and grateful for all the wonderful blessing in my life. I had a great Thanksgiving and really enjoyed doing my own cooking. I made a big ole 20 pound bacon bird. I like to smoother my birds with bacon. They always come out really delicious. Gee ya know I uh, I probably should have chosen to be a cook instead Huh, I mean I uhm, I could have been feeding the homeless or something like that. But I uhm, I’m a fighter ya know, I don’t float like no butterfly’s or sting like a them little bee’s there like the great Ali did, I like to win once and a while too ya know. I really enjoy getting knocked around and getting my head beat in all the time. But when I do I like not giving the other guy the satisfaction of knocking me out If I lose a fight. Win or lose I’m a a winner if i’m still standing when that final bell rings. I uhm, I try not to go down for no one. Kind of like you Squiggly, Ya know you ain’t no great prize writer, but no matter what you always write bravely and you always go the distance and never give up.

I’m like that too, I ain’t no big rich business man with a college degree and all kinds of money or nutin like that but, But I’m the same way with everything I try to do in this case its only in the e-commerce ring. I respect and admire that in you. It’s Chumps YOO I mean Chimps sorry bout that Squiggly I know you ain’t no chump chimp. It’s just that I uh…I ain’t never be interviewed by no monkey before Ya know. But you give me hope and courage to at least try. And you inspire me to go that extra round. And I uh, I uhm, I also just want to take a moment and also thank everyone for the chance and opportunity to compete in this e-commerce fight even though nobody ever heard of me yet and I uhm, I’ll try not to let you all down and at least give you a great show and the best deal I can when I can.

Ya know uhm, I uhm, I may not be like that big goofy lean mean shinny E-commerce Amazon giant, that’s well trained, well-greased and oiled with all kinds money for advertising, or a few million dollars for start up funds to start out with. Or have the money to hire an army of  smart geeks and skilled web engineers, but let me tell ya. I’ve been around the block a few times, and for me uhh…It’s not about getting rich. It never was and never will be. That’s not me. Money’s not Everything Ya sure, I uhm…I like to have a little bit every now and then, it helps me do things like pay the bills and buy food and stuff ya know. Ya uhm money may not be everything but it does help solve problems. And believe me I got my share, mostly the kind that no amount of money can fix or buy. But that’s uhm, that’s uhm. ya know personal stuff and don’t really belong here so I’m not going to talk about that stuff.

I want to make this business and website all about helping other people. People with like uhm, You know with like, disabilities and stuff, that can’t work or function out there or can get around out there in the real world because of their disabilities, And/or people with small mom and pop stores that can’t compete with the corporate giants that are always getting stepped on and beat on, and run out of business all the time by politicians with their endless greed and bureaucracy. I want this to be about helping people who are down and out who want more than just a hand-out and check every month from the government, I want to give people the opportunity to lift themselves up be self-supporting and give them a little dignity, self-worth and self-respect again that they might have once had. That’s how this got started and that’s how I want it to continue.

I don’t know if I can win this fight, I just want to go the distance and for me that means never giving up. I just want to be standing when that final bell rings and know in my heart of hearts that I did my best with what I had to work with, and uhm, believe me when I say the Good Lord didn’t give me much to work with and it’s been a tough fight for me, but he gave me a big heart and that’s better than any fame, riches and fortune that can be had in this world.

So I’ve been working hard trying to get this site up and running and I hope I can have it ready and in shape so that I can help people at least save a couple bucks here and there, by making all our prices negotiable, and give those who are struggling and down and out a hand up, (not a hand out) who are willing to try. Give them an opportunity to get back up and proudly stand on their own two feet again and be self-supporting. I’ll you more about that Squiggly and how I hope to do it in the next interview, if your willing to come by the gym again but it’s all about my what I call the “Green Cyber Deal” (meaning you keeping as much green in your purses, wallets and pockets as possible and making some money while doing it) but for now I need to get back to training and working out.

OO ya hey Squiggly!
Just one more thing before you go!
It's kind of uhm…
Well uhm
it’s, really important. I uhmm,
I sort of broke a promise to my friend big bird.

Ya see I uhm, I heard he was, uhm, really tight with Santa see, so I asked him if he could pass on my Christmas wish list to Santa, I could get on Santa’s good side hoping it would come true and Santa would deliver. In exchange I promised I would not eat him for Thanksgiving, but I got a little hungry this week and couldn’t afford a stake or ham for Thanksgiving, and I’ya uhmm, I sort of uhmm, I uhm broke my promise to him and cooked him for my Thanksgiving Dinner.

A turkey giving a curious look

So I want to say I’m uhmm, I’m really sorry Big Bird for breaking that there promise to you and I hope you’ll forgive me. I guess it would be selfish of me to expect the small army of salespeople, and small mom and pop brick and mortar stores as sales channels and as new members to the site, along with a few crumbs of that 22 Trillion dollar E-commerce pie.  I was hoping for, for Christmas. I guess I’ll have to be really nice this coming year and have to work extra hard to win over Santa’s favor again. Then maybe I’ll (we’ll all) get that next year if I’m not naughty. You all have a wonderful week. 

Well folks, That concludes this week’s roundup. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving week and until our next round up…Be nice Santa see’s all! Naughty and Nice!

So be Nice, and remember the reason for the season.

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