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The Adventure Begins

We are now open for business

After three years of sailing the web as the “BLS Armada” an affiliate marketing and advertising website, with as many as Four Hundred well known, loved and trusted retailers and e-Commerce vessels; Bradford LifeStyles has now successfully transitioned into an independent web based retail outlet and is now proudly open for business.

We left dry dock on February 8, of 2018 and are now exiting the harbor channel and setting a course to the open e-Commerce sea. Our cargo hold is full of all types of unique, home essentials, decor, outdoor living and lifestyle products and personal necessities, along with many other items that we hope our visitors and community members will love.

We’ve worked hard and have had many setbacks and obstacles to overcome getting to this point but our voyage is now underway and we’re ready to proudly introduce Bradford LifeStyles to the world.

While there is still much work to do, and thousands more products to upload to our menu’s; our secure payment gateways are live and we are open for business.

We hope you will like what you see and share us with family, friends, neighbors, and on all your social media and networking sites.

You can find all our company information and our site policies in our footer area along with our contact information if you have any questions and or would like more information or find yourself in need of any assistance from us. We welcome all inquiries and look forward to hearing form our visitors and community members.

Book mark us, join our community, sign up for our newsletter, and humbly request you share Bradford LifeStyles with friends, family, loved ones and on your social media sites, pages and networking platforms.

And most importantly kick back and enjoy the cruise and coming opportunities that will be made available to you  as members of the Bradford LifeStyles community as you sail along with us.

To get this party started; Bradford LifeStyles is offering a 15% off site wide discount for six months to the first 100 members who sign up and join the Bradford LifeStyles Community. Some restrictions apply, sign up for more details. (additional offers, opportunities, and membership benefits will follow). You can sign up by clicking on the “WELCOME ABOARD” banner below

From all of us here at Bradford LifeStyles to all of you

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