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A Tribute to the Irish

A Tribute and Visit to our Roots

Hello everyone,

We have a special tribute this week we think you’ll all love. We are going to take you on a trip back in time. Back to the beginning where it all began for Bradford LifeStyles. We going to take you on a trip across the ocean to a beautiful country that is rich in heritage  and stretches back in time for centuries long before the pilgrims landed on the shores of North America and our founding fathers drafted and adopted the Declaration of Independence and fought and won their independence and drafted and adopted the Constitution of The United States of America.

First a little background on my family Tree. My mom lost her first husband, a sailor in WWII, not from combat but from other circumstances, I’m not sure if he survived the war or not but though tragic I am somewhat glad as had she not I would not be here writhing this today. Then went on to meet my dad who was of French descent whose great grandparents migrated to the U.S. from Canada in the mid 1800’s. He was not able to serve in our military due being denied for medical reasons. My mother was of Irish decent who’s  family were farmers and factory workers in the northern suburbs of Boston, and both families proudly integrated and adopted the American values and way of life and as proud patriots not only served and fought for our nation to protect and defend the blessings, freedoms and liberties we Americans enjoy and are entrusted with today but also contributed in making our nation the best in the world if by nothing else just by being good honest simple people living their lives as honest hardworking Americans. So what does this all have to do with the roots of Bradford LifeStyles? Well I’ll tell you. Read on…

It’s a tradition here in America (well at least around these parts here in the Northern Suburbs of Boston,) for as long as I can remember for small stores, shops owners and businesses to frame and display US Presidents on the wall behind the counter in the form of One’s, Five’s, Tens, or Twenty Dollar bills. (The very First bills they received from their very first sale after opening their business). I don’t see much of that anymore when I walk into a local store. The tradition seems to have faded away as the demographics and modern world and way of life have rolled into the fabric of our modern day lives. In this post I’m doing a similar tradition as I no longer have possession of our first bills received from our first sale.  

Five years ago, I started the Bradford LifeStyles website as an affiliate marketing website. Mainly because affiliate marketing required little to no upfront investment and I had no capital to invest. Within a year I quickly amassed a network of almost Four Hundred well known, loved and trusted, retail merchants and brand names from the U.S. and around the Globe to advertise for. One of which, was not only my favorite, but also one of our very first contracts and clients, and just so happened to be the very first commission we received for a sale that occurred as a result of directing web traffic to that merchant. That merchant was none other than “The Irish Store”. One of the best online stores we’ve had the pleasure to work with.

I have sense shifted Bradford LifeStyles away from the affiliate marketing business model and for the past two and a half years have been trying to re brand the Bradford LifeStyles name and website to an online retailer selling direct from our own online e-commerce store. I do not manufacture or offer our own brand or high quality handmade products or apparel as does The Irish Store, but The Irish Store has been one of my favorites from day one and I felt it fitting to honor and thank them with a special tribute post as we move into our sixth year as an online business.

They have not only been an inspiration for me having them as a client in our early days, but also having them as a client gave me a sense of pride (being of Irish decent myself) and knowing  I was offering and directing my site visitors to a merchant that was selling high quality hand made products and apparel. So without further ado. I give you: The Irish Store.

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