Our Ordering & Fulfillment Policy

Our main focus here at Bradford LifeStyles is on providing the best possible quality service for our customers. We’re a new startup company and still in our infancy with a small staff for handling and fulfilling orders; therefore we have implemented the following ordering policy To assure we can provide the best possible service to our customers.

You must be a member to shop here on the Bradford LifeStyles website. We have a limitation on how many orders we accept  per day to keep things operating smoothly and efficiently, and keep our customers happy with a speedy check out and shipping & delivery process of their their purchased products. No one likes to wait in long check out lines or weeks for the goods they purchased to be delivered. Thus you may at times find the payment gateways temporarily closed until we get caught up fulfilling new orders. If you find the payment gateways closed you will have the option of emptying your shopping cart and abandoning your purchases, or leaving your cart full and checking back at a later time. When you return and sign in you will find your cart and products just as you left them and will be able to complete your purchase.

If you want what you want yesterday (say e.g. that special gift for that special someone on that special occasion, and there is a deadline to get it delivered to them) you may call our customer service at (978)-332-1686 to place your order and we will do our best to accommodate and fulfill your needs. We’ve implemented this policy to ensure our customers receive only the highest possible quality service and to  ensure a pleasant and hassle-free shopping experience for our customers.  WE WILL NOT SACRIFICE QUALITY AND SERVICE FOR THE SAKE OF MAKING A BUCK OFF OF OUR CUSTOMERS AGGRAVATION AND INCONVENIENCE. This policy is also closely integrated and tied in with our returns, exchange and refund policy. Customer service comes first and foremost always. We feel that If we are unable to operate and function smoothly and efficiently it is not fair to subject and extend that chaos onto our customers. Any business that operates in that manor and fashion has no business being in business. So to prevent that we will or may at times temporarily shut down the payment gateways. This is not only for your protection but for ours as well.

When and if our payment gateways are temporarily closed, you will find a notice displayed on all the pages site wide, along with a link to our newsletter’s site where customers can shop around the clock on our affiliate advertising partners websites. We highly value our companies good name and integrity and have no intention of compromising it for the sake of making a few extra dollars at our customers inconvenience and expense. As we grow and mature and business increases, we will make adjustments accordingly by hiring more staff and employees as needed. We thank you for shopping at Bradford LifeStyles and look forward to building long lasting and rewarding relationships with our customers and business partners.