WK Highland Hunter


The Winkler Knives’ Highland Hatchet and Highland Hunter feature Quarter Sawn, Curly White Oak handles in a rich brown with a beeswax finish. The black oxide surface of the steel is feathered along the cutting edge, reminiscent of Daniel Winkler’s forged works.



These two pieces are Winkler Knives renditions of Daniel Winkler’s hand forged originals. Master Bladesmith Daniel Winkler became a full time knifemaker in 1988. The utilitarian nature of his forged works was the basis of his early relationship with America’s Tier 1 Warriors and the origination of Winkler Knives. The company was founded to produce stock removal edged tools that bore all the attributes of Daniel Winkler’s forged work. Nuances such as tapered tangs and heat treating after finish grinding the blades resulted in function that equaled, or perhaps even surpassed, the tools Winkler created using the heat of fire and the force of the hammer.

Daniel Winkler specialized in forged knives and axes crafted in the tradition of Frontier America- a time when the tools a person carried meant sustenance and survival. The traditional nature of his work is evident in Winkler Knives designs but never more than with the new Highland Hatchet and Highland Hunter. Daniel hand forged the prototypes for the series, then Winkler Knives design team and production crew flawlessly executed 50 Highland Hatchets and 100 Highland Hunters reproductions of his original works.

Highland Hunter

Blade steel: 80CrV2
Black oxide no-glare finish with feathered cutting edge
Blade length: 4 3/4″
Overall length: 9 1/4″
Blade thickness: .189″
Full tapered tang
Thumb position jimping
Stained, Quarter Sawn Curly White Oak handle with Beeswax finish
Lined Boltaron® with leather cover with removable patterned overlay
Steel spring, belt clip
Designed for multiple carry options
(See our Info page for carry options)

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Standard Sculptured
Standard Tribal
Rubber handle Non Sculptured
Special Handle Sculpted Camo G10 Rubber WASP
1" Blade Serration


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