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WINCHESTER BigBore Model 70 .45cal 700fps


Winchester BigBore Model 70

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Introducing the Winchester Model 70-45 high powered big bore adult precision air rifles. Designed and precision engineered to deliver exceptional performance under the prestigious Winchester name.
The traditional wood stock with grip and rearm checkering answers the call for traditional styling. For hunters that want to take lager game we created the Winchester Model 70-45 which keeps all the same styling as the 70-35 and includes a 5 shot magazine but pushes up to 200 foot pounds shooting 138 grain .457 cast pellets as well as other cast ammunition. The Model 70-45 can produce hole and hole groups at 50 yards making it exceptionally capable of taking large game in the field.
Whether shooting simple round ball or custom cast ammo the Winchester 70-45 is a force to be reckoned with.


– Capable of producing 1? or better center to center groups at 50 meters
– Capable of producing 4? to 6? or better center to center groups at 100 meters


– Action: Side-lever cocking action
– Stock/Forearm/Grip: Beechwood
– Trigger Pull: Adjustable 2 stage
– Pump Force: 320cc Air Cylinder fillable to 230 Bar
– Barrel: Shrouded barrel for basic noise reduction
– Sights: 11mm dovetail scope mount
– Magazine: Ships with (1) 5 shot magazine
– Max. Muzzle Velocity: Produces 700+ FPS with 140 grain projectiles
– Capacity: Produces 5 shots with 55+/- FPS extreme spread
– Muzzle Energy: Produces 150 to 180 Foot Pounds / 203.4 to 244.0 Joules
– Caliber: 0.45 cal. PCP

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Weight 10.7 lbs
Dimensions 36.5 × 9 × 3.5 in


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