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RWS – Model 48 Combo .22 Pellet


Model 48

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When RWS first introduced the Model 48 we expected it to become a classic. What was unexpected was its rapid rise to classic status among knowledgeable air gunners. At 1110fps(750 mps) this rifle propels pellets at .22 rim-fire velocities! This tremendous power is generated by the use of a very robust spring piston power plant cocked by a side lever action. The action is mounted into an extended beech stock to reduce felt recoil and to aid in achieving accuracy potential. Not designed for the faint hearted this is one impressive air arm both in performance and presence. It fulfills its purpose as a potent full-size sporting airgun suitable for either pest control or field target shooting yet it does so with both balance and grace. The substantial one-piece stock allows for comfortable offhand shooting and adds to the overall sensation that the Model 48 is a force to be reckoned with. The rifle is fitted with a finely rifled fixed barrel system loaded via sliding breech opening. Its full accuracy potential can be realized by the use of a quality RWS airgun scope mounted to the scope rail. Other standard features include an adjustable trigger an adjustable rear sight and an automatic safety. The Model 48 is also available in an all black sniper version. Lifetime warranty.


– Caliber: .22 pellet
– Action: Side-cocker
– Power: Spring
– Capacity: 1-shot
– Total length: 42″
– Barrel length: 17:
– Weight: 8 1/2 lbs.
– Velocity: 900
– Trigger pull: 3.3lbs.
– Cocking effort: 39 lbs.

Scope Included: 4×32

RWS pellet recommendation: Meisterkugeln SuperdomeSupermag


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Weight 12.05 lbs
Dimensions 48.125 × 7 × 3.25 in


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