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Benjamin Traveler Compressor


Benjamin Traveler Compressor Portable Size Maximum Fill 4500 PSI

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Benjamin Sheridan Traveler Compressor


– Light weight small size and portable
– Maximum fill 4500 psi
– For airgun/paintball cylinders only (less than 0.6l)
– Runs off 12 volt battery (car lawn mower)
– Automatic pressure shutoff- stops at set pressure
– Automatic shut off after 25 minutes of continuous runtime
– Temperature protection
– Low voltage battery protection

Package Includes:

– Converter for 110V
– Inline oil/water separator adapter
– Flls a discovery/ maximus 0 – 2000psi in 3mins 25 seconds
– Fills a armada/marauder 0 – 3000psi in 8 mins
– Fills a armada/marauder 2000-3000psi in 3 mins via car battery
– Fills a armada/marauder 0 -3000psi in 8 mins via riding lawn mower battery

Additional information

Weight 20.75 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 13.5 × 8.5 in


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