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Introduction And Overview


Operation Stone-Age
Operation Stone-Age is a customizable business model designed specifically for small businesses utilizing both old school and modern-day business practices. Operation Stone-Age was inspired by the four American businessmen known as the Giants of the Gilded Age (Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Jay Gould, and J. P. Morgan) who built, shaped and molded the American economy into the dominating economic powerhouse and greatest nation on the planet. It’s a plan to level the playing field for small businesses giving them the tools needed to compete, grow and prosper in today’s competitive marketplace.

A dirt road with stone pillar gates

Before the arrival of the industrial revolution and modern technology age There were no phone’s, fax’s nor internet for businesses to communicate with suppliers. The process was a slow lengthy process getting supplies and living necessities’ to newly settled and remote areas and the supply chains were extremely vulnerable to piracy and numerous other factors that disrupted commerce.

That all changed with the creation and implementation of the telegraph and railroads. Up to this point America was still for the most part a farming, rural and wilderness setting. But the railroads and telegraph now created and connected remote settlements to a more efficient, stable and faster reliable supply line chain allowing Commerce and trading to freely and quickly to and from newly settled remote areas and territories which allowed both to prosper and grow.

As America moved into the Twentieth century and began to modernize through the industrial revolution Americans began flocking to growing cities and industrial centers for employment opportunities leaving behind rural and country settings and the old lifestyles. Raw materials and manufactured products now moved quickly and freely from coast to coast without difficulty to and from rural and industrial areas. The United states with its rich and abundant supply of natural resources grew into a dominate global economic and industrial world leader.

Throughout the twentieth century Americans continued blazing a new path into a new modern era and the world at large followed. Americans Spare headed the way with new developments in science, manufacturing, medicine and numerous other areas.

As the new modern world took shape banking and commerce followed suit. New business models like corporations and chain stores formed. One of the first pioneers in that realm was Ace Hardware with a new business model that combined small local hardware stores and a corporate business structure which modernized the supply chain structure to local mom and pop hardware stores.  Another being Sears & Roebuck with its establishment of its famous Sears catalog providing access to modern products for Americans living in remote country area settings where the population was dense and the lack of supply and demand could not support the thriving department store business models like that of the growing metropolitan and industrial areas.

As America rolled through the twentieth century the American lifestyle became more and more fast paced, complex and high tech causing Industry, manufacturing, government, banking and the financial markets to adapt, and change accordingly but small businesses and mom and pop stores were still the backbone and life blood of American life and commerce.

As the fourth quarter of the twentieth century inched toward the new millennium the increasing burden of heavy taxation and strict government regulations and policies forced American companies, industries and manufacturers to move offshore away from the homeland to distant countries with less burdensome taxation and regulation in order to survive and stay competitive in the global marketplace.

The abusive governmental practice of heavy taxation and regulation on American industries and manufacturing, along with various aspects of political and corporate greed resulted in, and brought about the surrender of America’s industrial and manufacturing independence and self-sufficiency; forcing us to be dependent and reliant on foreign imports and severely weakened our nation economically.

As we now draw close to the close of the first quarter of this new millennium and twenty first century, and the arrival of this new Chinese Covid 19 Corona-virus, we Americans find ourselves in a struggle for not only the life of our nation and economic survival but also a fight to save the lives of countless Americans,  our families, friends, neighbors, fellow citizens and countrymen.

For too long, upward of more than half century we Americans have sat idly by while insidious foreign powers and corrupt political and corporate entities slowly sucked the economic life out of America. We now find ourselves with our backs to the wall trying to fight off and control a global pandemic that found its way onto our shores and is spreading throughout our country killing Americans and threatens to collapse our economy.

Even now amidst this killer pandemic that threatens our nation, while our congress attempts to devise and implement a plan and relief package to minimize the death and suffering of the American people and recue our vulnerable and destabilized economy and faltering  economic health, certain political entities within our government and certain political parties insist on pushing their socialistic and communistic policies and agenda delaying our ability to combat this growing pandemic and threat to our nation and people.

For decades prior to the arrival of the killing Chinese Covid 19 Corona-virus on US soil The infiltration of foreign, corporate and congressional spies, sleepers along with foreign and corporate bought and paid for greedy politicians created the perfect environment for not only the theft of intellectual property,  but also an ever-growing system of heavy over burdensome taxation, and crippling governmental regulations, that have not only slowly striped the rights of Americans but also allowed for offshore manufacturing and imports to become the dominate driving force controlling the manufacturing industry and the American marketplace making it almost impossible for small businesses throughout America to grow and prosper and unable to compete in the marketplace.

America now finds itself at the mercy of an inept government and congress full of crooked greedy politicians and imports from foreign countries for it very survival. Yes, sadly we the people allowed our elected officials, & corporate America to sell us out leaving Americans and small businesses hanging out to dry. Bradford LifeStyles is just one of the tens of thousands of those companies.

Bradford LifeStyles is a small new startup company and American business whose owner (a retired carpenter) jumped into the e-commerce ring hoping to establish a presence within the e-commerce marketplace  in 2015 with the hope of capturing some of the crumbs of the 22 Trillion dollar global e-commerce market share. The plan was to create and establish a small home-based e-commerce business and cash-flow system that would establish a financial means of once again becoming financially self-supporting and self-sufficient, independent of having to rely on government assistance and possibly even create employment opportunities for others.

The struggles, hurdles and obstacles that Bradford LifeStyles was confronted with during its infancy and first five years, backed the owner into a corner leaving him only two options, the first being…

  • Throw in the towel and surrender, abandon the idea, shut the doors and close up the shop and walk away.
  • The second being continue fighting and get more creative and come up with a new plan of action, marketing plan and business model.

Hence the idea and business model “Operation Stone-age” was born. There is strength in numbers and many hands make for a light workload thus in its simplest form “Operation Stone-Age” is nothing more than numbers and teamwork. The plan was a last stand Hail Mary play for 2020 to keep the business alive and gain some desperately needed yardage that would hopefully level the playing field and enable the company to compete in the marketplace throughout 2020.

However, given the current national crisis and emergency our nation now faces with the arrival of the Chinese Covid 19 Corona virus that forced the shutdown of our nation’s economic engine forcing millions of people  unable to work and provide for their families the owner of Bradford LifeStyles has decided to share the plan with small businesses across the nation to help them get back on their feet once we get on the other side of this pandemic. It’s not a miracle cure or get rich quick scam nor is it a sophisticated marketing and con job.

It will not magically bring back our manufacturing base to our own shores nor will it change the fact that we’re still dependent and reliant on foreign trade and manufactured imports. But it is a sound business model that if implemented can help small businesses increase their bottom line and profit margin, help them rebuild on a stronger and more solid financial footing and even create new jobs and opportunities in the process by leveling the commerce playing field allowing them to better compete, prosper and grow financially stronger.

That is what “Operation Stone-Age’ is all about.

For more information on the details of “Operation Stone-Age” and how it works you can use our contact form HERE and/or sign up for our newsletter and get updates straight to your email inbox. In the meantime, let’s all do our best to fight to contain and overcome this current plague and challenge we’re now facing. Stay Strong, Healthy, Happy and Safe. We WILL get through this and overcome.

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