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Catalog Preview is now on display.

Weekly Round Up: 02/14/2020

If a picture is worth a thousand word’s THEN 25/30+ Catalogs jammed packed with Tens of Thousands of product’s, in numerous categories


Of deals to help boost the income potential of thousands of small businesses across the country in a way that will transform the e-commerce industry.

While still in its conception and infancy I think, the business model is a solid idea. We’re just putting a little “Stone-Age” marketing touch on our business model that will bring a real face and smile to every sale and purchase you make to rein in 2020 and the second decade of the new millennium and the ever changing, ever evolving new high tech world and e-commerce industry.

But more on that later; for now, without further ado, what’s new this week, is you’ll be happy to find the Catalog Preview pages are now live and available for viewing, along with some imagery for a smooth look and feel and introduction to some of our Sampling of what we have available.

You will also find the newly added menu in the bottom left is also now Live

We’ll be rolling out much more in the coming weeks ahead. Be sure to follow us /(and share)/sign up for our News letter.

See you next week! Have a Great Weekend Everyone

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