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And So The Adventure Begin's Again

The Prey Becomes The Hunter

News On The Wings, is taking flight again, Squiggly, our Editor’s been busy helping with new plans, designs, features and other things we hope to implement with in our news letter “News On The Wings”  and the “Bradford LifeStyles” website and hasn’t had much free time to do any writing and getting newsletter publications pushed out there to the web. 

I thought I’d open with some thoughts and good reading on Cyber Security. (more specifically  “The Pesky little spam bots” and other things that crawl the web looking for easy sites to prey on. 

So Without further ado I’ll introduce you to White Ops and their white paper about the hunt for  3ve


A Look At
Cyber Security
Site Safety

The proverbial game of Whack-a-Mole.


Featured Article


“The dismantling of 3ve was a big win for everyone in the digital advertising ecosystem. This is the first-time consequences of this magnitude were brought to bear on cyber criminals who chose to perpetrate online ad fraud. The industry came together to hold these operators accountable.

The Alliance that Brought Down 3ve

The untold story behind the hunting and dismantling of 3ve is as remarkable as the announcement itself. When we saw the first signs of what ultimately became 3ve, it looked like any low-to-modestly-sized bot fraud operation. We proactively deployed countermeasures to protect our customers and Internet users.

As we continued to investigate further, it became clear that the degree of complexity and sophistication exhibited by 3ve was unlike anything we had seen before. 3ve felt like an ever-evasive, ever-shifting chameleon, ingenious in the ways it spread, the ways it camouflaged its bots as humans, the way it covered its own tracks (to learn more about the scale and sophistication of 3ve, please read our white paper: The Hunt for 3ve).” Read More… 

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