Meet The Boss

Meet The Boss; Our Founder & CEO

Kevin Thibault is a father, husband, brother, and passionate entrepreneur, loves learning and is self-educated. An amateur writer, blogger, poet, and outspoken advocate for Geo Thermal green energy and conservative constitutional values within our government.
Carpenter and plumber by trade Kevin spent most of his adult live working in the construction field building new homes throughout the Boston area and its northern suburbs. Now Simi retired and no longer physically able to work out in the field building landmarks that will stand throughout the new millennium, he has now set his sights on creating and building a cyber landmark and household name in the retail e-Commerce industry. He coined and fashioned the name Bradford LifeStyles after his son in the late nineteen eighties / early nineteen nineties, shortly after his son Bradford was born. The Dream was to build a real estate development and management company to secure a comfortable retirement lifestyle and something that would out live him that could be passed on to his son. As life sometimes goes the dream didn’t exactly work out as planned.

During the early years of the new millennium our founder became a stay at home dad after his wife passed away in 2001, working part time when the work was available. During that time he also returned to school to begin working toward a degree in Business Administration where he discovered his love for writing and Computer Technology and set out on a course to learn everything he could about them.

Fast forwarding to 2015 Kevin bought the domain Bradford LifeStyles [.com] and established Bradford LifeStyles as an affiliate marketing and advertising site and over the course of the next two years amassed a network of close to 400 retailers and e-commerce sites to advertise for and promote their products and services.

In 2017 he then set his sights on re branding the name Bradford LifeStyles as an online retailer and began building the new site and finally launched the site on February 8, of 2018, and hopes to sail this ship into every home in America and become another one of them well know, loved, and trusted household names.