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The Elections over Its Time To Get To Work

Well, my fellow Americans and countrymen. (sighs)…

It was a tough loss for us all losing President Trumps reelection, and even more devastating by the circumstances that surrounded the loss, and Election Cluster fuck of a mess and complete disregard for our laws. Yes we need restore election reform and integrity, But MAKAGA is not about Trump it’s about Us regardless of who’s in office! It’s (the election) is out or our hands at this point and there’s nothing we can do except suck it up and focus on and getting back to work and taking care of ourselves and caring for our families and to work on preparing for, and building a better safer, and more secure financial and economic future even though he is no longer in the White house as our acting highest administrative officer and commander in chief.

It is still not clear or certain all the circumstances that surrounded the election machines or if the evidence is just being suppressed, but what is clearer than day is that on local, State and federal levels our election laws were ignored, manipulated, and broken. Which will forever haunt our nation the democrat party and the Biden Administration, as to the true winner of the 2020 Election, but all we can do is push forward. We have taken some devastating blows between the hate, the lies, media propaganda and vicious attacks and persecution on our president and then the reprehensible and abomination of the release and attempted cover up of the Covid 19 Chinese Corona virous and pandemic, but it’s time to pull ourselves  up and get back to work and take control of our own lives and businesses. We don’t have to resort to the anarchy violent tactics of the likes of BLM, and ANTIFA and others.

So lets get this party started and Make America Great Again.


Make America Great Again
Our First Lady Melania Trump

We’ll Be Best! Ma’am.

It was an Honor having you as our First Lady.

America Loves You

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