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Squiggly The Editor

Good Morning/Day and Happy Monday America.

Say What?
What's MAKAGA?

You say you never heard of MAKAGA? Well, that is perfectly understandable, not many people have. We do not have a huge advertising budget here at Bradford LifeStyles. I prefer attraction over promotion, and even if we did have a sizable marketing campaign and funding, you probably would not have heard of us given what we’ve all witnessed over the course of the past Five years with the censoring of conservatives and trump supporters by various entities and news networks and social media platforms. Given the fact we are a very outspoken America First, American People first, minded Trump supporter. Therefore Bradford LifeStyles and our MAKAGA Project, and myself as the founder and owner are probably in the crosshairs of the Anti-American, Anti Trump, liberal democrat machine.

On another more cheerful note if you happen to be reading this, You now know we exist and invite you to follow along. We’re still working on the fine tuning some things in the back office and the site currently only have a small handful of landing pages for public viewing, but as the summer rolls in we’ll be adding to that and ramping up the presses of the News on the Wings Newsletter and putting out more information for you all.

The Giants are not going to like us very much because our business ideas and model pose a substantial threat to their profit and bottom line which place us on a direct collision course with them. Thus the MAKAGA Project is not for those who are not willing to fight to keep our great American Economic engine, or those who are not America First, We the American people first minded folks, or our freedoms and liberties that we hold so near and dear.

Also note we are NOT a political connected company and not affiliated with the Trump MAGA/KAG movements, Quick short story and history of the MAKAGA Project. Prior to MAKAGA Project we operated solely under the Identity or Bradford LifeStyles. During the Trump Re-election campaign, The Trump Organization put out a request for campaign slogan suggestions for the second term. At that time We, (our founder and owner) suggested and offered M.A.K.A.G.A [Making And Keeping America Great Again …(pronounced: “MA-CAR- GA”] Long story short it was not used by the trump campaign committee and instead used KAG, which was fine by us as we Loved the name and adopted it ourselves as the MAKAGA Project as it fit our new baseness model project perfectly.

So there you have it the story of the birth of the MAKAGA Project…Now we just have to get the word out to America as to the details and how it will help strengthen and build new and struggling small businesses across America.

That being said we’ll wrap this up and let you get on with this new week.

Sign up for our news letter and stay tuned there will be much more to come in the weeks and months ahead.

Till then We’re out

Blessings, Peace & Prosperity to All


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