M.A.K.A.G.A. Begins At Home!

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M.A.K.A.G.A. Begins At Home!

We are bringing The M.A.K.A.G.A. Project home
In this issue of the News On The Wings Newsletter.

We felt before digging into the M.A.K.A.G.A. Project we would introduce some of Bradford LifeStyles’ wonderful neighbors and small business owners we share the area with.

Bradford LifeStyles is nestled in the northern suburbs of Boston Ma. Known as the north shore, in the city of Lynn, amongst several local small family owned businesses one of which has a legacy of 100 years in business and outstanding members of our community known as Loomis Brothers. Now under the management of the next generation to lead manage and guide the business into it’s next phase and growth period. Up to it’s closer due to the recent pandemic the two elders of the long standing family business though long retired worked daily into their old age operating the establishment. Both of which are survivors 70+ and 80+ yrs of the Covid 19. Virus, and Both are doing well. Can you imaging working into your 70’s and 80’s 12/14 hours a day six days a week? Truly outstanding Americans and pillars of our local community.   

Another long time local landmark and family owned business coming up on 30yrs in business supplying residents and businesses with beautiful and unique floral designs, displays, and arrangements for every floral occasion and need. Flowers By Larraine sits below Bradford LifeStyles on the ground floor and street level and is housed in its own building next door.

Next we have moving right to left in the same building as Flowers By Larraine we a home and business security systems expert know as K Security Systems.

Just below Bradford LifeStyles is a new neighbor and local family owned variety and convenient store named Los Primos Market recently opened and is soon to be coming up on its One year Anniversary in business. We are rooting them on and wishing them the best and a most prosperous future.

Aside from being a variety and grocery store they offer some unique items such as this lovely Hammock and accessories I was able to grab a phone shot of recently. These Hammocks are hand made in Guatemala.

Beautiful indeed, Sturdy, and very nice quality.


Storefront Image of Los Primos Market Lynn Massachusetts

While not officially  part of nor affiliated with Bradford LifeStyles and The M.A.K.A.G.A Project (as are none of the other featured Small Business previewed in this publication. E.g. they These Hammocks are not made in The USA. which the M.A.K.A.G.A. is all about. But we thought them more than worthy of mentioning, as they are great products and sold by one of our new business neighbors thus hats off to Los Primos Market and there creativity which helps other struggling communities and people.

Next is line is our one of our local barbers named Jeff’s Barber Shop One of thee, if not the best shop in town to get a fine, trim, or cut while waiting to get that new body ink you’ve been thinking about getting and showing off at Boston Street Tattoo.

As you move around the google maps platform you will see our community is a treasure trove of small local businesses. These Businesses are the backbone of America. Lynn itself Once one of the leading Shoe manufacture of the world. Rich in History without a doubt in both economic and cultural changes stretching back to its founding as Saugus Ma nearly Four Hundred years ago in 1629. 

News on the Wings is previewing some of our local friends and neighbors so you can put locations and faces on the real victims of the recent pandemic.

We’ve all taken a huge hit over recent months while America was in pandemic lock down. We are just one of Tens of thousands, millions of small businesses and communities from coast to coast many of which did not survive and were forced to close their doors permanently.

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Who wants to M.A.K.A.G.A.? 

This is what M.A.K.A.G.A. is all about. US! We The People; America First.

  • It is time to rebuild!
  • It is time to M.A.K.A.G.A. America!
  • It’s time to rise up and fight!
  • No More Closures of our schools, churches or businesses.
  • No more Gone out of Business signs!
  • It’s time to rise up and prosper and grow as small American businesses.
  • It’s time to take back our market share and our communities and local economies.
  • Time to put the Mom & Pops and small businesses of America back in charge!




Image of The MAKAGA Project Logo with American Flag, Fireworks, Title and Subtitle
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