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July Roundup

Featured American Company

With August just a few days away we felt closing July with The Winkler Knives Company as our featured American Company was a great choice for the July Round up. Bradford LifeStyles offers several Winkler knives in our American Made Knives Catalog.

 Below you will find an excerpt from the Winkler Knives Company’s website about us page.

Stay Tuned and keep a watchful eye on your inbox for coming updates throughout August on The M.A.K.A.G.A. project and more featured American Businesses.

So without further ado Bradford LifeStyles and News On the Wings brings you Winkler Knives…

Winkler Knives is a limited production company that custom manufactures a diverse line of high-performance edged tools. It was established in response to requests from within the SOF Community for specialized breaching tools and has become widely acclaimed for its no frills approach to tactical and rescue operations. Winkler Knives’ products boast attributes such as tapered or skeletonized tangs, no-glare finishes and multi-option carry systems. Each tool is made from specialty steel best suited to the intended use of the equipment. Our unique processes, executed by craftsmen under the direct supervision of Master Bladesmith Daniel Winkler, result in handmade knives and axes without custom made prices.

Winkler Knives has had the honor of providing Team specific knives and axes to some of America’s most elite fighting forces since 2004. The Company’s history of producing custom-made cutlery, as well its origin in working with Special Operations, began long before that.

The Tradition of the Past,
A Legacy for the Future

Daniel Winkler began making knives in 1975 and became a fulltime bladesmith in 1988. He earned accreditation as a Master Bladesmith from the American Bladesmith Society in 1993. As a historical enactor, he drew inspiration from the knives and axes of the American Frontier- a time when the tools a man carried meant sustenance and survival. That influence translated to a recognizable style that brought Winkler and his sheath-making partner Karen Shook widespread fame. That same influence remains evident in the tools created by Winkler Knives today.

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