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Squiggly The Editor

Battling The Giants

Hello America

We're Back!!!

Please accept our apology for our late spring reopening. I had turned my little pilot office into a wood working workshop over the winter and covid shutdown months and got caught up in a little project I was working on to honor a recent family member who had passed away for their service to our wonderful nation and people, and other family members who had served and fought in our military, Grandfather, Uncles,

What began as a project for one opened the door to a flood of memories of the people in my life growing up. As it turned out many of them have proudly served and the project ultimately became a family tribute.

Below are a few images

Aside from that, and the late opening; We’re Back in the saddle and ready to ride the M.K.A.G.A. Trail.

Are you Ready to M.A.K.A.G.A. People?

I for one sure as hell hope so, because we’ve got acers of diamonds to start harvesting for your businesses across the nation. I think, NO! I KNOW… You’ll all love our business models that you can adapt to your business that will increase you sales and profit margins.

I’ve got some odds and ends and other updates and improvements to do on the website before she’ll be fully functional, but we’re open for business and ready to M.A.K.A.G.A. So give us a shout and open up the communication lines.

I made this flag case mostly by hand with this old Dinosaur compound hand miter, without the use of power tools like table saws and chop or compound miter saws sanders etc.

For all my family members, grandfather, brother, uncles, friends, friends family members, old employers, and every American that has ever served our nation…


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