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Genesis Bow





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The Genesis® Original is the first compound bow developed to fit virtually everyone – making it the perfect choice for archers of all sizes.

The Genesis Original has just one cam – This means no tuning problems, much less recoil, more accurate shooting, and less noise.


Specifically designed for our younger archers, the Genesis® Mini allows for easy draw and aim without getting fatigued. Weighing only two lbs, the Mini is built for anyone ready for the unique thrills of archery.

The zero let-off feature helps to pull the string from the fingers upon release, making it easy to shoot.


GEN-X Powerful enough for hunting, simple enough for anyone to use. The new Gen-X® single cam allows up to 40 lbs of draw weight to add velocity to your shot, so it’s perfect for stronger target archers and is approved for whitetail hunting in most states.

The Gen-X® is available as a stand-alone bow or in a kit with a fiber-optic sight, whisker biscuit rest and detachable quiver with 4 carbon arrows. Kits: Kits include the bow, fiber-optic sight, whisker biscuit rest and detachable quiver with 4 carbon arrows.


GENESISPRO While still a zero let-off design, the Genesis Pro® lets archers customize their draw length and adjusts up to 25 lbs of draw weight. Our draw stop cam technology provides a “solid wall” or stop, ensuring you achieve the correct draw length every time.

This helps archers using mechanical release aids to maintain proper form and produce a consistent follow-through for maximum accuracy.

*** Please Note *** the Genesis Pro does not include an arrow rest. Like the Genesis Original, the Genesis Pro will fit virtually everyone, thanks to its zero let-off cam. Features: Draw stop Higher poundage

Parts and Accessories

Ccustom-Colored Quiver and Arm Guard Combs

Sight Window Sticker-10 pack

Genesis Caps

Maintenance Toolkit

Gold Ringt Bow Case

Apparel & Tee's

Gen-X Cable

Bow Fishing Reels

Custom Bow Strings

Soft Genesis Bow Cases

Arrow Rests

Bow Fishing Arrows

Kits and More

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close up of the Gen-X compound fishing bow and reel
Blue and black Genesis bow Cuda_Kit compound fishing bow with razor edged arrow tip
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