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Forged in The Fire of The Ages

Weekly Round Up: 11/23/2019

Hello everyone, and welcome to this weeks, Weekly Roundup.

I hope this round up finds you all in good spirits, full of joy, and anticipation of the opening of the Holiday Season. It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. This coming Thanksgiving week, in-particular, as it is not only the traditional opening and kick off of the Christmas season but also a time when we feast, celebrate and give thanks for all the bountiful blessings bestowed upon us from our Creator.

Most people think of and contribute Thanksgiving to pilgrims, but did you know that Thanksgiving was actually a Native American tradition that was shared with the pilgrims by the Natives of North America. It was an annual tradition of the Native American people as a way to give thanks to the creator for the bountiful blessings of the harvest season.

So from all of us to all of you Bradford LifeStyles wishes you all the best throughout the Holiday Season, may it be full of abundant blessing, Love, Hope, and Good Cheer.

What’s Been Cooking This Week:

We’ve got some good news we’re excited about, and a great way we think to kick off the start of our own little celebration of the of the opening of the holiday season. This week we began uploading products to the website. We figured we’d start at the beginning and introduce some outstanding historic items of the bronzing and forging era. Tools and necessities of the trades of old. From the days when knights in shiny armor existed and galloped around on horses and protected the kingdoms of distant times.

Forged in the fire of The Ages

We’re introducing “The Steel”

Man learning the art of Forging was major game changer in human history. We began uploading some great replicas of Historical swords of the ages and accessories. Swords, armor, and accessories form all cultures and time periods from around the globe. Swords, helmets, armor, accessories including clothing and footwear for plays and reenactment events. Swords for Fencing and dueling, Oriental Swords, demo weapons for training in self-defense training. Collectors, and everyday knives and woodworking and carving tools. If it’s been forged in fire; There’s a better than average chance, you’ll find it here on Bradford LifeStyles. If you’ve got a man cave, we’ve got the perfect decor and furnishings to make it the envy of the clan.

Of course, there will be a lot more to come when we’re finished with the forging, fire, and Steel theme. e.g. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be adding many other categories like. Hunting, fishing, Camping, survival, Tactical gear, and accessories for outdoor living and lifestyle needs, along with several home living essentials and necessities, categories.

But for now we got the Forging, fire, and steel fever happening and we’re thrilled about this as our opening product line to display and kick off the start of this year’s holiday season and celebrate Bradford LifeStyles fifth year online.

Quick Note and Reminder: We list all our products at the (MSRP) manufacturers suggested retail price. BUT ALL OUR PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE AND ALWAYS ON SALE.  

Well that’s pretty much a wrap up for this round up. That was the good news. We’ll spare you the boring behind the scenes work that’s taken place this past week, other than to announce we’ve acquired more manufacturer’s and brand names  for a variety of categories that we’ll be offering.

Additional note and update:

Bradford LifeStyles now has a new Twitter account. Our new Twitter handle is @BlsLifeStyles Click here to visit and follow Bradford LifeStyles on Twitter. Bradford LifeStyles can also be found on Face Book. Check out Bradford LifeStyles on FaceBook Here. Be sure to Share us on your social media networks.

To all, Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving week. And we’ll see your shout out to you, on next weeks round up.

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