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Weekly Round Up 11/16/2019:
Swimming in Piranha Infested E-commerce Waters.

Welcome to this week’s weekly roundup everyone.


It’s been an interesting week to say the least. Site hits have gone way down sense I’ve locked down the site so that only members can have access. That’s a good thing, it keeps all the vermin and spam bots out and minimizes a lot of the annoying spam and phishing. It also provides an additional layer of security for members. We’ll see how that plays out once I begin pushing out advertisements when we officially open the site for business. Right now, it still pretty much looks like a messy construction site but we’re making progress daily. e.g. Bradford LifeStyles is now an official Hogue dealer. An American manufacturer who just recently celebrated their 50th year in business.

“We’re” … Hmmm, Now That’s an ironic word to use isn’t it? I generally try to keep and use a plural tense when speaking of the company and website in the newsletter, but as most of you know, (at least those who have been following this journey) that there is no “we’re” or “we” and that this is a solo expedition, a sole proprietorship. A one-man rodeo and operation. But as long as I have readers and subscribers, I’m not alone in this and will continue to use a plural tense when speaking of and addressing the site and company. Hell, we don’t even have any real site members yet, just all you newsletter subscribers. Thus, technically there is no “we”, just a “me”, and for all I know I could be all alone speaking to myself while sitting in your spam box.

We’ve…(“I’ve”) Also become an official dealer for a number of other American companies from which I’ll be offering and selling a large selection of various products like what you see here.

It’s a tough gig this e-commerce business. I liken it to fishing in a river full of piranha the piranha being the e-commerce giants like amazon, and others with all their subsidy’s that dominate the industry who not only devour any potential good catches but all the little e-commerce fisherman like myself also. I guess like many things in life whether it’s trying to publish your newly writing book and getting nothing but rejection notices from publishing companies or launching a new business and not getting any customers to come in to sell your products to; it’s all about using the right bait and finding the right spot.

One can use the best bait that the fish love but if you in a dead spot where there are no fish your wasting your time, and should consider perhaps moving up or down stream to a new location or in the case of writing; submitting your book transcript to different publishers. There is a market for everything. It doesn’t matter what your product is, you just must find the right fishing spot. Or perhaps throw a couple sticks of dynamite into the water to shake things up a bit. And that my faithful subscribers and readers, is the plan. But for the time being the goal and plan is to just keep an online presence and continue rebuilding the site.

Over the past few weeks I’ve manages to acquire some of the best bait on the market. A handful of some of the best known, loved and trusted brand names in the industry who have long standing track records of manufacturing outstanding high quality products and merchandise who stand behind everything they sell which I am currently beginning the process of populating the shop with and will begin displaying and offering through the News On The Wings newsletter and on our various social media platforms and through other advertising channels. I hope to see some of you subscribers on the inside, and please do not hesitate to share. I need all the help I can get if this thing is going to take off and become a success. So Gear up and sign up folks, There will be plenty of great things coming here on Bradford LifeStyles.

We're not afraid of no piranha's.

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