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Welcome to this issue of News On The Wings newsletter. In this addition we are featuring another icon of American Craftsmanship, the Case Knives Cutlery company. A company with a long history stretching back more than One Hundred years manufacturing high quality knives, cutlery tools and accessories right here in America.

Now owned by the Zippo company, another outstanding American company known for manufacturing High quality products here in America that has been around for just short of a century and won the hearts and minds of Americans and people around the globe…

Bradford Lifestyles is honored and proud to be a seller of Case Knives.  We have a 32 page catalog filled with dozens and dozens of Case Knives and Case Knives collectibles for preview which can be viewed HERE or just click on the Forged in America tab in the main navigation menu above.

Image of a Zippo car lighter
Image of a bicentennial collectors edition of a Case Knife with the words "American Spirit and two bald eagles engraved on the blade

The following excepts below were taken directly from the Case Knives Website. We often use direct statements from the companies themselves to better represent them on Bradford LifeStyles.

That being said, we shall now, without further ado introduce and bring you Case Knives along with a short video we pulled from the Case Knives YouTube channel.

Every day, a small piece of America’s heritage is carried around in the pockets of a nation. A small but solid reminder that anything worth doing is worth doing right. At Case, our knives are built by people with integrity for people of integrity. That’s the way we’ve done it for over a hundred years, and that’s how we’ll do it for the next hundred years to come.

Our roots extend back to 1889, when four enterprising brothers—William Russell (W.R.), Jean, John, and Andrew Case (a.k.a. “The Case Brothers”)—began selling handcrafted knives from the back of a wagon in upstate New York. John Russell (Russ) Case, the son of W.R., formed W.R. Case & Sons, as it is known today. Russ’s father acted as his son’s consultant, helping to stabilize the company’s early finances while building a reputation as the most respected name in American cutlery.

We make great knives for people who need to get the job done. Knives bearing the Case name have been up to the task for over 130 years, and each Case knife that comes out of Bradford, PA is held to our highest standard.

At Case, our knives are built by people with integrity for people of integrity. That's the way we've done it for over a hundred years, and that's how we'll do it for the next hundred years to come.

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