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Bradford LifeStyles has some Exciting Updates For You

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Hello Everyone,

We hope this update finds you well and in good spirits. We have some exciting site news and updates for you, and some not so good news. First the good news and updates which some may not particularly like the idea of but keep in mind that it will not affect your ability to shop on Bradford LifeStyles if you have already signed up.

We now have two levels of memberships for our community (three actually).  The first being a standard option that comes with all Word Press blogs and websites that allows visitors to follow our Blog posts via an email sign up).

The second option (which is not really an option at all) if you want to shop on the Bradford LifeStyles website as we require all customers who wish to shop and make purchases with us to sign up as a customer of the Bradford LifeStyles website. This can be done before shopping and making purchases or during the check out process. Those who do not sign up will be denied the privilege of purchasing goods through our site at the check out. You must sign up as a customer to purchase from us. Please keep in mind that we are not data mining, nor will we ever sell any information regarding your shopping or browsing habits, your personal, financial, or email information, nor will we spam your inbox. We simply like to know who our customers are.

This information we gather is for internal company use only. And only for the sole purpose of helping us better serve our customers needs, wants and desires and to help us make Bradford LifeStyles a better and more secure place to shop. Additionally, we require this information in case we need to contact you regarding purchases, returns, complaints, factory recalls etc. and/or any other situation that may arise throughout the course of conducting e-commerce transactions and functions with Bradford LifeStyles.

If you are not comfortable with this, then your only and sole option is to simply move on to some other e-commerce platform that does not require a membership for your online shopping. We make no apologies for this. It’s our company policy plain and simple and nonnegotiable. Period!

Now for the Really good news; Our third level of level of membership! We now have a social platform implemented on Bradford LifeStyles. This section of our site is a separate entity from our general customers who only sign up to shop and make purchases through Bradford LifeStyles. This section of the Bradford LifeStyles site is the BLS Members Community, with all of the features you’ve come to expect from any online community, like user profiles, groups, activity streams, community forums, blogging, internal communications with us and other members and sellers, (Yes we will be implementing selling and business opportunities for members) notifications, and much, much, more. (and yes at some point in the future, membership fees will apply) but the door is currently open and we encourage all visitors to sign up while the signing is good because at some point in the future we will be limiting the number of members and at times closing the door to future paid memberships so that we can properly, and efficiently manage the community as we grow.

The only requirement presently in place is; that in order to join the BLS Members Community, you must sign up for a Word Press Account as this will be a Word Press based community.

More information on the community and it’s functionality and joining benefits will be posted as we move forward with this project.

Other updates that might interest you are in our menu area where you will find new products and categories being added on a continual basis; the two latest being “Water Recreation” featuring the sub categories water recreation games, water recreation accessories, inflatables, boats and kayaks, and pools. Also in the main menu, you will find an additional product category tab labeled “Tablets” in which you will find  Android based tablets, non-windows based tablets, and Tablet accessories. We’ll be adding more and more as we push forward here. We currently only have approx. 2,500 products loaded but will eventually have 10’s of Thousands of products to purchase and sell so Stay tuned and check back often. And by all means DO Sign UP!

O yes, That’s right too, I almost forgot, We also now have a real time live chat feature for visitors to chat with our agents should they have any questions and/or need assistance.