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And Then There Was Thanksgiving Festivities Throughout the Land!

And Just Like That…

It was November and there was Thanksgiving!

October’s Autumn festivities and Spooky-Boo night have rolled into the New England history, and likewise a historic mid-term election on the national level. And President Donald Trump will be pardoning two South Dakota raised turkeys whose names have yet to be finalized. 

 “The South Dakota Department of Tourism is asking for the public’s help in naming the two turkeys. Names can be submitted online until Nov. 11  The top pairs of names will be sent to the White House for consideration. The two birds were raised by a turkey farmer near Huron. Before the turkeys make their way to Washington for the pardoning ceremony, they will be sent off with a tour of their hometown and local school visits on Nov. 14.”

Names for the turkeys can be submitted on this Facebook page: We do not have any images of the birds to share


Time for some holiday cheer and more festivities, The Holidays are approaching, The Clocks have been turned back,  we’re all thinking about Thanksgiving festivities, with family, and friends, Snow,  Christmas, “It’s The Most, Wonderful Time, of the year”…And it is indeed!

And of course; our Economy is doing Great, that will hopefully continue as we roll into the shopping season. I’m sure (as least some of you) have already given some thoughts to and or have plans in the making for your holiday festivities, where to shop, look for bargains, great merchandise, good quality customer service and most of all a safe, peaceful, and secure shopping environment. A Happy, fun, spirit filled, cheerful, exciting, Hassle free Shopping, experience.

Well you may have just found it! We have a lot of great American Companies and merchants listed here on Bradford LifeStyles, along with a show room of our own that features Everything you might need, and then some, of outdoor living gear and necessities.

Our Bradford LifeStyles Product Catalog is available for show by appointment and can be done through our contact page in the menu above.

Good Things Are Happening In The USA and that’s a good thing and something to be very thankful for throughout the thanksgiving festivities. And that, of course; is traditionally, the kick of the holiday shopping season, and the massive sales and promotions loaded with steal’s and deal’s we find with days like Black Friday, and Cyber Monday that immediately follow. Coming Fast! only weeks away.

So Browse away through our Made in America Menu, and have some fun exploring your fellow Americans.

That being said; Without further adieu,  we’d like to introduce another American Merchant in this newsletters publication spotlight. A Southern neighbor of ours here in New England, A Merchant of The Great State of North Carolina the “Parrot Canvas” company. You will find them in the “Luggage & Leather Carrying Cases” sub menu page, above in the Bradford LifeStyles Made in America menu.





Parrott Canvas is a great merchant for holiday gift ideas.

And perhaps a few customized Tee’s from one of our local area New England merchants from Bostons’s North shore as some stocking stuffers.





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Breaking News: The Google Internet Scam of The Millennium

We’ve been cloned on Google, Have You?

I’ve discovered what appears to be a cloned website with some of my company information posted on it. And of all places, wouldn’t you know it, right in plain site in the #1 slot on the Google search engine; And what appears be and may be the internet scam of the millennium.

To all our faithful members, customers, and visitors:

“CASUAL LIVING” or “Progressive Business Media” of Greensboro, North Carolina, nor any of Progressive Business Media’s other subsidy’s (Designer Today, Furniture Today, Gifts and Decorative Accessories, HFN, Home Accents Today, Home Textiles Today, and Kids Today).

The screen shot below shows this “Casual Living” website, located at the top of the Google search engine, and appears to be a legitimate website of a Canadian business with the same name Bradford Lifestyles and a domain name and URL of “Casual Living [.com]” (note the lowercase “s” in Casual Livings Bradford Lifestyles is different than ours “Bradford LifeStyles” and our domain name and URL is The Email address shown; “” does belong to me, and is an email of the domain; My Company: “Bradford LifeStyles”.

It is unclear to me at this time as to the how and why this happened or to what extent Google has been compromised and how many websites and or businesses have been effected, infected, and/or cloned. I’m putting this notice out as a public service notice and warning. My information is limited and sketchy, but it appears this site listed at the top of the Google search engine is a cloned site of Progressive Business Media’s subsidy Casual Living; or how this slipped under the radar of Google.


Obviously a scam of some sort by hackers, most likely an attempt to obtain personal and financial information from visitors to that url. When I examined the site coding with the google developer tools, the coding of this web page is embedded with hashchange code and a bunch of other geek gibberish javascript ect. which I don’t know and or understand. But anyway…My research results show a company by the name of “Global Shoe Connection” is located at the address listed in the shown google screenshot above.

This screen shot of Global Shoe Connection’s footer shows a different phone number than the one listed in the google search results above but the same address


I have notified the proper cyber crimes authorities in both the US and Canada and are awaiting their response.

To be safe and lean on the the side of caution; until further notice; I will ONLY be taking and filling orders by phone. Please use my contact page HERE to schedule a return phone call from me to place an order or request more information..

So…Ya, that’s it! Payment gateways are closed until further notice. But if you like anything here I offer on “Bradford LifeStyles”; Use the contact form and we’ll make a deal and I’ll hook you up.

Also please note; and rest assure; that our directory of U.S. Merchants and the url links are direct links to the merchants and businesses we have posted here on the Bradford LifeStyles web site and are perfectly safe and legitimate, and all are US Merchants and businesses.