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The Official Newsletter of Bradford LifeStyles

Crossroad Pausing's

We stand once again at the crossroad pondering which direction to go. Nether road appears to lead to the promise land. The begging question eerily echoes in the distance  “What do we do, what road do we take?”

It’s been said that an applicable comparison and definition of the word insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly; again, and again, expecting different results.


We find ourselves in a similar situation here in this e-Commerce card game.

The cards just don’t seem to want to come our way at this table.

Outside of stacking the deck, which we don’t know how to do as we are not a leader in the industry with virtually billions in capital to spend on advertising and we are just one of millions of small businesses that are virtually an unknown entity on the internet, that being said  we feel our only option may just be to get up and move to another table.

However, just merely moving to another table and trying our luck there is somewhat like that of acting out the definition of the word insanity, If indeed the game is truly rigged and the decks of every table are stacked. The bottom line is it’s a no win. Thus we are faced with one final option which is simply an act of taking stock and inventory.

What do we have to work with and what’s the best we can arrive at; That is the begging question we face that must be answered!

Only then can we make an honest and accurate assessment of our strengths and weaknesses and if we can successfully compete in the online e-Commerce arena.

Our track record thus far has not been one that has reaped any fruitage. It’s been more like a daily fight and struggle just to survive for the past four years. Always spinning our wheels but never going anywhere.

So in summary; The Time has come for change. What those changes will be is currently unknown. Any hope of capturing some of the crumbs of the annual Twenty-Two Trillion-dollar Global E-Commerce  crumbs seems to be diminishing for Bradford LifeStyles.