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As we roll through this temporary setback, hardship, and economic difficulty we must remain hopeful as we plan for a return to our daily lives and return to work. Americans will never give up the ship, and Americans will never surrender to our enemies, seen or unseen.

It’s All About TEAMWORK! Americans Built the greatest nation and economic engine the worlds ever know and we will do it again.

Even amid this global pandemic certain segments and pockets of our economy are functioning at full speed. Namely Our Great first responders and medical professionals on the front line, and those in other industries that are keeping Americans supplied with daily needed necessities and food while we wait out the storm When it’s over we will again be opening for business and begin rebuilding our lives. I’ve no doubt America will take the lead once again and bring the world to victory as she’s done countless times in the past.

Let the healing and rebuilding begin at home with MADE IN AMERICA TEAMWORK.

Teamwork is Vital if American industry and the American people are to survive this storm. Bradford LifeStyles would like to begin doing our part, we here at Bradford LifeStyles have from the beginning focused much of our attention on American Companies and Made in America Products and services. We will now once again begin dedicating some of our valuable website Real Estate to helping American businesses and manufacturers with free listings in our site database as a handy reference tool for people looking to shop and buy American Made Products from American owned businesses.

This will become an ever-growing data base with an ever-increasing listing of American manufacturers and businesses. It’s our own little modern version of the old Stone-Age Yellow pages.

A small contribution indeed and it will take time, but one that we hope will become invaluable to the cause. A simple google will not always pull the desired search results. We obviously can not nor do we wish to complete with monsters such as google but it is our hope our American made pages will become a great supplement and alternative option in helping people looking to shop from American Merchants, Manufacturers, and businesses.

With your help, commitment, determination, dedication, perseverance, Sharing and shopping, American Made products and services, we can succeed in restoring America to her Greatness once again. It begins with “Teamwork” and Everything “MADE IN AMERICA”.

First a site update from Bradford LifeStyles:

We are currently open for business but at a limited capacity as not all our suppliers are operating at full capacity and some have completely suspended operations temporarily throughout this Covid19 Corona pandemic. We’ve also recently added a live chat feature to our site for real time assistance and updates from our customer service department to allow for a better and more pleasurable, hassle free shopping experience.

In Addition to our very own Catalog Library

Featuring several catalogs, and our online e-commerce store, where you can find American made products sold through Bradford LifeStyles, we also feature Hogue Knives and Tactical Gear Catalogs, along with our All American Made Knives Catalog. And our recently site addition: a live chat feature. We’re going to begin building an All-American Repository listing all the American manufactures, and companies we can find for your quick click American made shopping experience.

If you’re a small American Business owner and would like free advertising space, we here at Bradford LifeStyles would consider it an honor and privilege to team up with you and offer a free business listing on our site. Simply use our contact form located HERE. The service is absolutely Free of Charge with no gimmicks or obligations. (larger listings and banner ads can be purchased at an additional cost. Or if you’d like to financially contribute to our project you can do so by clicking on the “Help Support this small business area in our website’s footer area.

Our depository listing will be comprised of

  • Company Name
  • Type of Business
  • Address
  • Contact information,
  • Company website URL

More updates to follow as we plan for the great Re-Opening Of The American Economy.

In our main navigation and menu area You will also notice we’ve added a special page for live tweeter feeds where you can view a wide selection of tweets from top ranking government officials along with some of America’s most loved and trusted conservative voices for real time up to date breaking news.

Dozens of Catalogs for previewing

We offer both FREE & Paid Placements

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