Shake Down Countdown

Preparing For Our Maiden Voyage 

Welcome To Bradford LifeStyles, Your right on time. We are in our final days of preparing for launching and we’re inviting everyone to come along for the ride. If you’ve been one of our fans following us then you’ve had the opportunity to wonder around in our cargo hold and view a lot of the products we’ll be offering our customers and members.

We’ll be offering a lot of great steals and deals for you to cart off in your treasure chest’s during the cruise.

We’ll be announcing and releasing lots of updates as we prepare to launch So be sure to bookmark us and check back often. It will be a slow process but we want to make sure we have all systems on a green light ready to go level before allowing members to board.

We’ve had some last minute changes made to help the voyage be a successful one. We think if you love sale’ing then you will love sailing with us.

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing some of our maritime documents (the updated legal MumBo JumBo) aka the pages like the Terms of use, our privacy policy and others along with a whole bunch of other goodies that are necessary to sail the e-Commerce sea. So Stay tuned and ready your selves for a sailing adventure of a life time. We think once you board you will never want to step foot on land again. We will be making announcements through the Bradford LifeStyles newsletter “News ON The Wings” (be sure to bookmark that URL).