Seasonal Changes

R.I.P. Green Supply.

Its Been a Pleasure, and Honor Doing Business With You

It’s always sad news to hear of a long-standing American Business closing its doors; But this one not only saddens us but really hits close to home and the heart. I’m talking about the recent closing of Green Supply. Green Supply has been providing tens of thousands of hunting, camping, fishing, survival, and tactical Goods from the best known, loved, and trusted brands in the industry to America for over half a century. They have also been one of our major supplies and we are deeply saddened by this unfortunate loss for our website members and visitors.

Here on the home front Bradford LifeStyles continues pushing ahead and as we work through the rebuilding process and through the changes up here, shifting our distribution methods and suppliers around, we’ll be promoting a Daily Deals sales promotion through our News on the Wings Blog throughout the holiday season.

There’s and old saying I’ve heard years ago that went something like this

The best path for success, is to copy success.

So we’ve been brainstorming and toying with some very simple but fun and great ideas I hope to soon implement on the site as we move forward at Bradford LifeStyles.

On the local front here in New England an October Nor Easter has put a damper on our famous Topsfield Fair, during the past few days but like good New-Englander’s many still braved the elements for the 201st Topsfield Fair Grand Autumn Festivities, food, and fun.

Check out the Topsfield Fair’s Two Hundred Years of American History

Hope you are all having a wonderful Columbus Day Weekend!

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Trudging Forward With Excitement.

The Official Newsletter of Bradford LifeStyles

Weekly Roundup.

We close the week with great news and excitement. We upgraded our website which opened up some new features and tools to help us rebuild the Bradford LifeStyles E-commerce website.

This week we also relaunched our Newsletter “News On The Wings” the official newsletter of Bradford LifeStyles which will be featuring all our site news, updates, sales promotions and more while we rebuild and redesign the website. You can follow our newsletter on Tweeter or follow via email and get updates delivered to your inbox. Follow all our social media feeds. You can find us on Pinterest, Tweeter, Face Book, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others.

 We’ve decided on the new design and layout theme for our fifth-year anniversary on the web and will be incorporating a professional looking Corporate layout combined with a rustic design into our site which we hope to be packing with treasure troves of great things for members and visitors.

Color scheme is always a tough decision also, but we’re looking at a number of options to enhance the visual look and feel. We welcome all ideas and suggestions please feel free to leave us a comment and give us your thoughts.

An unofficial target date to begin the Daily Deals and Steals promotion is around the first of November. We’ll be offering lots of niffy deals on gifts and collectibles throughout the holiday season through the newsletter while we rebuild to a fully functional e-commerce site. Which we hope will be sometime around the turn of the new year.

The fundraiser is up and running for those wishing to help us rebuild and can be found HERE. We welcome and appreciate all contributions and will be rewarding them handsomely. Stay tuned, follow, share, get the word out, there’s much more to come and much to discuss.

Three Days Out

There’s a storm brewing on the horizon:

We’re three days into our fundraising campaign and still haven’t heard the Cha, Ching Bells ringing. It appears that we are just another one of those invisible e-commerce ships sailing across the internet virtually unnoticed by the world.

It’s been like that for us from the start.  Even when we had a fleet of nearly 400 e-commerce ships assembled in our armada. Nearly 400 of some of the best know, loved and trusted brand names and e-commerce merchants in the marketplace and we found it very difficult drawing attention and traffic to our site. A tough racket without a doubt this E-commerce gig.

Having battled several storms, hard times, and setbacks on this four-year journey, I can see much clearer why the odds are stacked against new e-commerce startups. Eight out of ten fail according to my early pre-start up research on the industry. But I couldn’t resist giving it a shot with a Twenty Two Trillion Dollar global e-commerce market, and the US retail e-commerce market being one of the largest in the world, accounting for 20% of global sales, I had to take a chance, and I do not regret any of it.

We busted out butts for four years straight trying to make this site work and still have a long way to go on this journey. Nothing ventured, nothing gained right? We’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain and should this ship go down; We’ll go down fighting.

So lets get this party started shall we?

Looking Ahead; Whats in the Oven?

Starting Soon: Daily Steals and Deals

Posted: Sept 6, 2019

We’re lining up our ducks here getting some things in order here. We’re excited and looking forward to the coming changes, and the relaunch of our website. Our Newsletter/Blog is live, (give us a follow, give us a share, contribute if you think it’s a worthy cause [It’s all about Team Work Right!] the more people contribute the smoother and easier the re-startup and operation will be as I’ll be able to hire professionals to do all the heavy lifting, vs. the past where I’ve built all the previous designs and layout myself. To expand means survival and a need to raise startup capital). More good news is our crowd source funding campaign is up and live and can be viewed HERE. You’ll also find more info about us in the header menu or feel free to contact us via our contact page or through our Google Business Listing page HERE.

I think the site and idea has a lot of potential. But startup Capital is always a huge factor in any new or struggling business. While Unconventional, my rational in launching a re-startup campaign fund for the site was a no brainier, it all boils down to “Keeping the Dream Alive” for me. If it takes asking for help and support, then so be it.

And So…

We embark on another journey as we roll into through the coming holiday season and New Year. We welcome everyone to follow along.

I hope to begin pushing out the “Daily Deals & Steals” publications within the next couple weeks. The sooner I can begin pushing them out the sooner you all can begin sharing (hopefully 😊) and getting the word out.

I hope to begin pushing out the “Daily Deals & Steals” publications within the next couple weeks. The sooner I can begin pushing them out the sooner you all can begin sharing (hopefully 😊) and getting the word out.

We’ll see how this fund-raising project unfolds in the next couple weeks. However; win, lose or draw with the project. We plan to re-upgrade and relaunch the Bradford LifeStyles Website. The only question is when, Sooner or Later. Without the fundraiser I estimate a relaunch sometime around the first of the year. I don’t know we’ll see.

But again…

Everyone’s welcome to follow along.

We Are Bradford LifeStyles:
Your One Stop Internet Shop For All Your Home, Living, And Outdoor Lifestyle Needs

A New BLS Maiden Voyage

We’re Building A New Improved Bradford LifeStyles E-commerce Website

Our 2020 Theme Preview

Hello Everyone, We’re is Back!

After Five years, we are now officially relaunching on a new maiden voyage. A new beginning, a new voyage. We just launched a crowd-sourcing campaign to help assist this struggling new small business financially in rebuilding the Bradford LifeStyles website. Our e-commerce ship is now in dry-dock awaiting the undergoing of a new face lift and modernization. This ship needs your help and we’re going to make it worth your while. We want to recruit your help.

During this Autumn and the holiday shopping season Bradford LifeStyles has begun a Crowd Sourcing fund campaign to raise the funds needed to re-new our business plan with our webhost and upgrade to its newest E-commerce plan it now offers.

We currently now have temporarily downgraded to a blog format during the rebuilding and redesigning the main site.

All Contributions will be matched and rewarded with equal monetary value in savings off the listed MSRP. (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) of all products site wide, along with other benefits for contributors and members as we grow, and the opportunities arise.

I’m hoping to Crowdsource Fund this project across the E-commerce seas, and voyage to far off exotic places of America on a treasure hunt throughout the homeland.

I’m Looking to create “Win, Win, Win” deals that will capture the hearts, minds, and wallets of American E-commerce shoppers from coast to coast.

To visit our Campaign page, click HERE.

During Site Construction

Throughout the next few months while we upgrade, rebuild, and redesign the BLS site we’ll be posting updates and will soon be launching a Daily Deal Sale through our newsletter and Blog. We hope you’ll follow along with us on this journey.

For More information see our about us page in our main menu area along with other site documents and policy/contact pages.

Thank you All.

Those who contribute, those who follow along with us on this e-commerce journey All are welcomed along with us.

Kevin Thibault

Owner/Founder/CEO/General Manager

Bradford LifeStyles