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Winning the Trust of Customers

Weekly Round UP Jan 24, 2020

Early on I’ve written quite a few posts about the difficulties new e-commerce start ups face and the ugly statistics of how seven or eight out of ten fail, many of which are launched on much more solid ground than I have. The Technical knowledge, financial capital, business expertise and experience, and more. The tools every business need to be competitive and successful alone with a good, practical well thought out business plan to follow and use as a guide during the businesses growing process if it is able to compete and grow. Not to mention a offering a needed and wanted product and/or service. But even then, that is still not enough, in spite of the fact that there is a market for everything. Even with all of these tools, if a business has no customers or base to sell to it is nothing more than a hobby unless of course the business only exists as a financial tool and means to save money via tax write offs and losses. Much could be said with all these points listed above. But our weekly round up is to keep our base up to date with short weekly posts and updates and there is little room to get into all those things right now.

What I want to talk about here in this round up is becoming known and relevant, getting discovered and known. But even then that is just the tip of the iceberg for any new start up. Being known does not automatically mean one becomes successful or profitable. Without having a good product or service you will not win the hearts minds and wallets of your customers. Thus everything written above is nothing but fancy business talking points if you can not win the hearts and loyalty of the customer base. So how exactly does a new business win over new customers and their hearts minds and wallets.


Perhaps the most important of all begins with winning their Trust. What makes a business trustworthy? Especially in today’s competitive twenty Trillion plus dollar global e-commerce? The industry seems to be full of land mines and booby traps for both businesses and customers. It seems to be riddled with wolves and cyber criminals hiding and waiting around every bend just waiting to pounce on their unsuspecting prey as the unsuspecting business owner or shopper passes by their snares and traps that steal their personal and financial information. Nothing seems to be safe or off limits in the cyber realm from the cyber criminals. Which brings us to what was supposed to be the topic of this week’s round up which was in introduction to “Operation Stone Age”. But I’ve already gone over the 500-word limit for the round up posts to assure I don’t bore the tar out of our readers and lose them. My apology for that, I got a little carried away and wordy with this one. So I’ll end this here and pick this up and talk about “Operation Stone Age” in the next weekly roundup publication. Ya’ll have a great weekend and be sure to subscribe so you’ll have this delivered to your inbox.


In the mean time here are a few previews of products I’ve added this past week.

As I mentioned in the last round up I removed all of our Die Cast Model Cars and Trucks for security reasons. Though we’ve had no security problems I thought it best to air on the side of safety.

This past week we added over 1,000 products ranging from LARP Costumes, Clothing and Accessories to  a ton of Swords and Knives. of all kinds and Time periods. Stuff that makes for Great Decor for those who love history.

A Medieval or Celtic Waist coat
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