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The Official Newsletter of Bradford LifeStyles Squiggly The Editor M.A.K.A.G.A. Begins At Home! We are bringing The M.A.K.A.G.A. Project home In this issue of the News On The Wings Newsletter. We felt before digging into the M.A.K.A.G.A. Project we would Read more…

Welcome to the MAKAGA Project.
We’re on a mission:
To do our part to help restore America to her Greatness.
It is good to be back online and Bradford LifeStyles is proud to be an e-commerce member of the MAKAGA AMADA and participate in the MAKAGA Project.

Bradford LifeStyles is Open for Business and operating at a limited capacity.
As we roll through this temporary setback, hardship, and economic difficulty we must remain hopeful as we plan for a return to our daily lives and return to work. Americans will never give up the ship, and Americans will never surrender to our enemies, seen or unseen.

It’s All About TEAMWORK! Americans Built the greatest nation and economic engine the worlds ever know and we will do it again.