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About Bradford LifeStyles

Welcome to Bradford LifeStyles.

Hi my names Kevin Thibault, I’m the Founder/Owner and General Manager of The Bradford LifeStyles E-commerce wholesale and retail website.

Thank you for stopping by. You are currently on the front end of the website which houses only a small handful of pages as a sampling and preview for public viewing. To access the full Bradford LifeStyles website and all of it’s features you must be a member. 


The Bradford LifeStyles website is a privately owned, members only online shopping community and e-commerce website.

What this site's all about and what I do

I offer a multi-level membership plan, encompassing both free and paid membership levels. The basic level allows consumers access to our online e-commerce store where members can purchase products at below MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) and paid memberships for merchants and established small businesses to purchase at wholesale cost.


Company Back Ground & Digital Footprint

I started Bradford LifeStyles in 2015 as an affiliate marketing website with a small handful of advertisers. Within the first year that small handful grew into a fleet of close to Four Hundred merchants and e-commerce retailer’s from around the globe. (Which I gave a pet named “The BLS Armada” and established a footprint on several e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, The Sears Market Place etc. along with a social presence on several social media platforms offering gateway links to numerous well known, loved and trusted Retail and e-commerce merchants in the retail market place. From B-2-B to B-2-C and everything in-between we provided a hub of gateway URLs for e-commerce consumers and businesses.


In Late 2016 I began shifting the Bradford LifeStyles website away from Affiliate marketing and began rebuilding and re branding the Bradford LifeStyles website focusing on selling direct from the website. A new site was built, offering a varied assortment of consumer products in several categories from gifts, to home essentials and outdoor living and lifestyle needs eventually settling and nesting into the outdoor living and lifestyles niche.

2019 brought the loss of our main distributor and Factory Distribution center when they closed up shop due to various market conditions and the fierce overcrowding and growing competition in the ever-changing e-commerce marketplace.

Thus, we enter 2020 rebuilding a new modified Bradford LifeStyles E-commerce website. We’re charting a new course with a small handful of manufacturers, distributors and a hundred thousand or so products to work with. Our 2020 playbook and beyond consists of several audibles and change ups. (newer, updated and modified business structure. I call “Operation Stone-age”) This is where the fireworks and fun starts.

You're Going To Love It!

The BLS Armada Is Back

And We're Packing New Armor & A New Battle Plan

The Plan, The Goal, The Mission:

  • Revolutionize E-commerce as we now know it.
  • Build the Best E-commerce Wholesale/Retail Website on the Internet.
  • Launch a new E-commerce business model and infrastructure.
  • Level the e-commerce playing field  for small businesses of all types across America.
  • Win the Hearts, Minds, and Wallets of E-commerce Shoppers and Businesses Across America.


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Wha-Da-Ya Say Mate'es?

Who's up for some e-commerce sailing and some Good Ole Fashion Stone-age Treasure Hunting and Wealth Building?

Operation Stone-Age is all about humanizing our modern high tech E-commerce world and inserting humans back into business transactions.

Using a newly developed and designed business structure and model marketing system we aim to re-insert humans back into the market place with an e-commerce system that will revolutionize the way consumers and business owners interact and conduct daily business transactions. 

While at the same time creating a wealth building system that will strengthen small businesses, increase there bottom profit margin, and level the e=commerce playing field for small businesses to compete, prosper and grow across the nation and beyond.

A Bradford LifeStyles.com image

The Bradford LifeStyles "Operation Stone-Age" project is a new addition to Bradford LifeStyles E-commerce website, still in it's infancy, and a work in progress. We welcome all Inquiries and membership requests.

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