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Owner/General Manager:
Kevin Thibault

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Bradford LifeStyles
547 Boston Street Suite #3
Lynn, Ma. 01905
Phone: (978) 332-1686
Email: contact@bradfordlifestyles.com

About Us

Bradford LifeStyles is a privately-owned web-based retailer, wholesaler, affiliate marketer, and social networking website based out of Lynn, Massachusetts. Our founder was born and raised in and is a proud lifelong resident of the city of Lynn, which was once a settlement founded on Boston’s North Shore in 1630 and incorporated as a city in 1850 and which was also once the home of the Sagamore Indian Chiefs and the Pawtucket Indians.
Lynn, also known as the city of first’s, is a place enormously rich in historic and economic heritage along with being a center for religious and social changes that shaped America. From being the once largest shoe manufacturer of the world to the birth place of the first Jet engine, and a major force in the abolition movement that freed the slaves.

About Our Founder & Company History

A Carpenter and Plumber by trade our founder worked most of his life building and remodeling new homes throughout Boston’s North Shore and surrounding area.

In 2001 he decided “Hell I’m getting older and will soon be in my 60’s” and as much as he loved the trades, the idea of trudging around working out in the cold snow and wind-chill factors of the New England winter’s and the scorching heat of the summer’s didn’t quite sit right with him, hence he returned to school to pursue a degree in Business Administration.
Our founder opened our cyber doors in 2015 as an affiliate marketing website and within the first year amassed a fleet of almost Four Hundred E-commerce retailers that he advertised for from around the globe.
In late 2016 he began transitioning away from affiliate marketing and focusing on transforming the site to just retail sales, along with opening other sales channels on platforms such as Amazon, eBay, the Sears Marketplace, social media platforms and the like, then relaunched the Bradford LifeStyles website in the latter half of 2017 as an online retail website.
Through out the first half of 2018 he again began making changes to the site focusing on just selling American made products and just recently began working on a couple projects to include wholesaling and reassembling and rebuilding the Affiliate marketing fleet.

What We Value & Stand For:

We value Honesty, Integrity, Fairness, hard work, helping others when its within our power to do so, selling quality products and merchandise, and our customers privacy, personal, and financial information, security, customer service, and satisfaction are our number one priority.
We proudly value and support the America First agenda of our President and the conservative values, principles and ideal’s that have shaped and built our great nation.

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