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About Us

About Us

Bradford LifeStyles is a privately owned and operated e-commerce website with its headquarters based in one of the northern suburbs of Boston’s North Shore.

Our product catalog is filled with outdoor living products from fishing, camping and hiking, to tactical, hunting, fishing, water sports and much more.

The Bradford LifeStyles website also offers our visitors several made in America directory’s listing thousands of American merchants featuring dozens upon dozens of categories with millions of consumer products, most of which are manufactured and made in the U.S.A. by American workers.


Snapshot of Bradford LifeStyles Company History

Our website launched in 2015 as an affiliate marketing website and within the first year amassed a fleet of nearly four hundred businesses and e-commerce retailers from around the globe. In 2016 the company set its sights on direct sales and began modifying the site and transitioning away from affiliate marketing. During that time, we also began opening other sales channels on platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and the Sears Marketplace and relaunched the Bradford LifeStyles website in 2017 as an online retail website. In 2018 we began focusing on promoting American merchants selling and offering only products that are American made.


The Plan,

Our 2019 plans entail several projects we hope will expand our presence on the internet both here at home in the United States, and around the globe and grow our customer base.


The 2019 Goal,

  • To make as much money as possible & give away as much as possible. (Preferably to people, charities, and businesses not the IRS)
  • To drive as much traffic as possible to other American businesses and American e-commerce websites selling American made products.
  • To assist and help level the playing field for smaller, mid-sized american companies doing business on the internet,  by offering the American public a shopping  alternative we hope will Shrink the Amazon giant and their profit margin and redistribute those sales and profits to smaller American e-commerce websites and American business owners so they can compete in the e-commerce marketplace.
  • To continue to add to and grow our Made in America directories of American businesses.
  • To expand and grow our product line.


Our Hope:

  • To become a known, loved and trusted household name and entity in the e-commerce marketplace without having to rely on SEO and the high-tech search engine tech giants. (We’re hoping to network and grow by word of mouth and superb service and not rely on artificial search engine results) 
  • That our efforts to support and help the America First Agenda will be successful.
  • That we will grow and be able to hire employee’s
  • To be able to assist and support other new American business that are in the startup phase that are unknown and struggling to keep their doors open and stay in business and prosper.


That if successful we will never sacrifice any of the following for the sake of profit and making a buck.

  • Honesty,
  • Integrity,
  • Helping others when its within our power to do so
  • Selling quality products and merchandise.
  • Keeping our customers privacy, personal, and financial information, secure
  • Customer service, and satisfaction being a top priority.

Bradford LifeStyles is a proud supporter of the America First agenda of our President and the conservative values, principles and ideal’s that have shaped and built our great nation.


Bradford LifeStyles

Is a proud supporter of the America First agenda and the values, principles and ideal’s that shaped and built our great nation.

We Are Bradford LifeStyles

Your one stop Made in America Internet Shop For All Your Home, Living, & Lifestyle Needs

How to contact Bradford LifeStyles.

Bradford LifeStyles
547 Boston Street Suite #3
Lynn, Ma. 01905
Phone: (978) 332-0424

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