About Us

Simply put, Bradford LifeStyles is just another one of those mom and pop home based businesses and web sites you’ll find here on the internet.

There’s nothing special or unique about us that stands out above the rest.

We’re just out here in cyber space trying to capture some of the crumbs of that twenty-two trillion-dollar ecommerce piece of pie.

Nothing wrong with that right?

We’re not an e-Commerce giant like Amazon, nor do we own and operate any brick and mortar facilities, or have millions to shell out for advertising and marketing. Our primary market place is here on the web. All our products and merchandise come from U.S. based manufacturers and warehouses and we only ship to locations with in the Continental United States.

That’s it! What you see is what you get. We’re just a small business attempting to monetize our presence here in the e-commerce market place on the web.

Now in the real world you can find us in a city called Lynn; a small coastal town nestled in the north shore suburbs about eighteen miles north of Boston Massachusetts. See our contact page for more details.

You will also soon be able to find us on other e-commerce platforms like the Sears marketplace., eBay and on social media platforms like tweeter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Well that’s pretty much it as far as who and what we are and where we operate from.

Now let me fill you in on what we do.

We market, advertise, partner and contract with, a large number of well known, loved, and trusted, wholesalers, distribution centers, drop shippers, factories, manufacturers and retailers located throughout the U.S. and the world in order to offer our visitors everything they might need or want for all their home, living and lifestyle needs.

We are Bradford LifeStyles. Your one stop internet shop for all you home living and lifestyle needs.