About Us

Who we are

Bradford LifeStyles is a privately owned and operated e-commerce retailer with its headquarters located in a northern suburb of Boston’s north shore called Lynn. Bradford LifeStyles does not own or operate any brick & mortar retail outlets, warehouses, or distribution centers within the United States or abroad. All our merchandise is shipped directly from the factory warehouses and/or their designated drop shippers. Our primary marketplace and sales channel is the internet.

The company’s founder and CEO Kevin Thibault opened Bradford LifeStyles cyber doors for business in 2015 as an affiliate marketing and advertising website with a small handful of e-commerce merchants. Within the span of a year’s time Bradford LifeStyles became an internet hub and gateway for online shoppers to more than 350 well known, loved and trusted e-commerce merchants from the U.S. and around the globe, connecting shoppers to millions of consumer products, brand names, and services.

The Bradford LifeStyles website offered its visitors access to everything from full vacation bookings, to national ticket agencies offering Concert, Theater and Sporting event tickets; B2B and B2C Services, right on down to Home essentials, consumer electronics, indoor/outdoor living products, furnishings; and everything in-between; including novelty gifts, collectibles, gourmet foods and even home improvement items like the kitchen sinks and Jacuzzi’s.

In 2017 Bradford Lifestyles began shifting its focus to retail sales and began setting up shop on several e-commerce sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, The Sears Marketplace and the like, along with selling direct from our home site Bradford LifeStyles .com and launched the new site in