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2020 The Adventure Begins

Weekly Round Up-2-01/10/2020

Big Shout out to everyone and Happy New Years, and we hope you all had a great week two of the new year and we send our well wishes for a pleasant weekend for you all.

I’ll get right down to business here and bring everyone up to date. We’ve begun making new changes to the Bradford LifeStyles website to roll through 2020. A Few of which is a new look, feel, layout and design, along with the addition of a new color scheme. We’re excited; and we love the new look and feel. We hope do too.

As you browse the site you will also see we’ve made some changes and additions to include product catalogs in addition to the site e-commerce store. The Catalog feature is comprised of PDF files available for member viewing and downloading. We have a sampling on display Here of a handful the many product catalogs that are available for members. You will also find them in our main menu right beside our Hogue Catalog Display and our News on The Wings menu tab.  Our regular web store will be for public shopping. We’ll begin populating the site e-commerce store soon, perhaps as soon as next week. (more on what will be available to come).

Previews of Coming Attractions

Catalog Title Image
Catalog Title Image
Bradford LifeStyles Catalog Cover Image

We Have a lot coming your way (including money making opportunities) so be sure to sign up for our newsletter or contact us for information on becoming a member or merchant of the Bradford LifeStyles Market Place Community.

Many hands make for light work, and it’s a huge project but I think a sound one and one that will become not only popular but profitable and open a whole new market in the e-commerce realm and help level the playing field for millions of Small American Businesses and individuals. (more to come soon…)

More updates and details to follow next week. Become a Subscriber.

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