R.I.P. Green Supply.

Its Been a Pleasure, and Honor Doing Business With You

It’s always sad news to hear of a long-standing American Business closing its doors; But this one not only saddens us but really hits close to home and the heart. I’m talking about the recent closing of Green Supply. Green Supply has been providing tens of thousands of hunting, camping, fishing, survival, and tactical Goods from the best known, loved, and trusted brands in the industry to America for over half a century. They have also been one of our major supplies and we are deeply saddened by this unfortunate loss for our website members and visitors.

Here on the home front Bradford LifeStyles continues pushing ahead and as we work through the rebuilding process and through the changes up here, shifting our distribution methods and suppliers around, we’ll be promoting a Daily Deals sales promotion through our News on the Wings Blog throughout the holiday season.

There’s and old saying I’ve heard years ago that went something like this

The best path for success, is to copy success.

So we’ve been brainstorming and toying with some very simple but fun and great ideas I hope to soon implement on the site as we move forward at Bradford LifeStyles.

On the local front here in New England an October Nor Easter has put a damper on our famous Topsfield Fair, during the past few days but like good New-Englander’s many still braved the elements for the 201st Topsfield Fair Grand Autumn Festivities, food, and fun.

Check out the Topsfield Fair’s Two Hundred Years of American History

Hope you are all having a wonderful Columbus Day Weekend!

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.com

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