The Official Newsletter of Bradford LifeStyles

Weekly Roundup.

We close the week with great news and excitement. We upgraded our website which opened up some new features and tools to help us rebuild the Bradford LifeStyles E-commerce website.

This week we also relaunched our Newsletter “News On The Wings” the official newsletter of Bradford LifeStyles which will be featuring all our site news, updates, sales promotions and more while we rebuild and redesign the website. You can follow our newsletter on Tweeter or follow via email and get updates delivered to your inbox. Follow all our social media feeds. You can find us on Pinterest, Tweeter, Face Book, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others.

 We’ve decided on the new design and layout theme for our fifth-year anniversary on the web and will be incorporating a professional looking Corporate layout combined with a rustic design into our site which we hope to be packing with treasure troves of great things for members and visitors.

Color scheme is always a tough decision also, but we’re looking at a number of options to enhance the visual look and feel. We welcome all ideas and suggestions please feel free to leave us a comment and give us your thoughts.

An unofficial target date to begin the Daily Deals and Steals promotion is around the first of November. We’ll be offering lots of niffy deals on gifts and collectibles throughout the holiday season through the newsletter while we rebuild to a fully functional e-commerce site. Which we hope will be sometime around the turn of the new year.

The fundraiser is up and running for those wishing to help us rebuild and can be found HERE. We welcome and appreciate all contributions and will be rewarding them handsomely. Stay tuned, follow, share, get the word out, there’s much more to come and much to discuss.

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