We’re Building A New Improved Bradford LifeStyles E-commerce Website

Our 2020 Theme Preview

Hello Everyone, We’re is Back!

After Five years, we are now officially relaunching on a new maiden voyage. A new beginning, a new voyage. We just launched a crowd-sourcing campaign to help assist this struggling new small business financially in rebuilding the Bradford LifeStyles website. Our e-commerce ship is now in dry-dock awaiting the undergoing of a new face lift and modernization. This ship needs your help and we’re going to make it worth your while. We want to recruit your help.

During this Autumn and the holiday shopping season Bradford LifeStyles has begun a Crowd Sourcing fund campaign to raise the funds needed to re-new our business plan with our webhost and upgrade to its newest E-commerce plan it now offers.

We currently now have temporarily downgraded to a blog format during the rebuilding and redesigning the main site.

All Contributions will be matched and rewarded with equal monetary value in savings off the listed MSRP. (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) of all products site wide, along with other benefits for contributors and members as we grow, and the opportunities arise.

I’m hoping to Crowdsource Fund this project across the E-commerce seas, and voyage to far off exotic places of America on a treasure hunt throughout the homeland.

I’m Looking to create “Win, Win, Win” deals that will capture the hearts, minds, and wallets of American E-commerce shoppers from coast to coast.

To visit our Campaign page, click HERE.

During Site Construction

Throughout the next few months while we upgrade, rebuild, and redesign the BLS site we’ll be posting updates and will soon be launching a Daily Deal Sale through our newsletter and Blog. We hope you’ll follow along with us on this journey.

For More information see our about us page in our main menu area along with other site documents and policy/contact pages.

Thank you All.

Those who contribute, those who follow along with us on this e-commerce journey All are welcomed along with us.

Kevin Thibault

Owner/Founder/CEO/General Manager

Bradford LifeStyles

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