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Welcoming 2019

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Welcoming 2019
A New Year,
A New Beginning:

Welcoming 2019 A New Year, A New Beginning:


And I for one have a big AMEN to say to that! Good bye and good ridden’s 2018 and a huge shout out of HELLO & Welcome 2019.

2018 was the hardest and toughest year we’ve had to date in our three-year presence in the online e-commerce marketplace. Especially this past holiday shopping season.

While the giants like Walmart & Amazon were “Killing It” and reigning in billions in sales over the holiday shopping season, we’ve been off line on vacation for the month of December; a working holiday vacation if you will.

We’ve made some layout and design changes and adopted a new theme for our 2019 new look and feel.

We’re looking forward to this new year with a renewed sense of hope, for a new year full of brighter days throughout. We are looking forward to working hard doing our part to help make and keep America great and economically strong.

We’re looking forward to networking with American businesses from coast to coast, and border to border north and south.

A working vacation was the perfect opportunity and good time to make some new changes to the site as we didn’t expect much in the line of sales or traffic, as we are still a newbie in the marketplace and virtually still unknown to the world yet that we exist.

The Stat’s pretty much tell the whole story anyway. The giants like Walmart, Amazon and the other well known, loved, and trusted established e-commerce entities have without doubt captured the hearts, minds, and wallets of much of the American e-commerce marketplace shoppers.

But we hope to change that in 2019. We hope the new look and feel will help with that, we’re excited and pleased with the fruit of our labor and hope our visitors will like the new look and feel also.

We’re opening this new year with a simple and basic bare-bones introduction to the new Bradford LifeStyles website to get us into the swing of things here and will be introducing lots of new features as we roll through the year ahead.

Welcome back, Welcome Home, and most importantly; A big smile and welcome to you if you’re a newbie to our site and just discovering us.



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