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It’s Spooky-Boo October

Seasonal Changes: Our Evolution Continues

Hello there Everyone, We hope you all had a wonderful first week of Spooky-Boo Month. Don’t forget to make some time for Autumn foliage sightseeing and perhaps a mini two- or three-day vacation, great company, dining, perhaps a night or two at a cozy regional or local Bed & Breakfast. Mini Vacations are convenient because they only require short drives of only a few hours or so. and little planning and preparation. They are always a great choice for short term getaways, and they help contribute to local economies.

Meanwhile here on the Bradford LifeStyles website you’ll notice we’ve been making some design and layout changes. Our outdoor living and lifestyle product line was moved out of our main menu area and into storage for the coming holiday and winter season. Nor will they be visible in our catalog, and product showroom pages until the spring.

This past week we also began re-populating and re-introducing our Die Cast Model Car product line. Through out the remainder of Spooky-Boo October and November, we’ll be re-populating our catalog and showroom pages with lots of great products that will make great gifts for holiday gift giving, along with hundreds more fast and furious diecast model cars, Which also make great gifts. What could possibly be a better a gift than a little piece of American history.

We have a great collection of the all-time classics and screaming machines that once populated the roadways of our nation.

Vroom, Vroom, VROOM!!!

Check out these little gem samplings and previews.

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Summer’s gone September’s history, School’s are now in session, Autumn is in full swing, Spooky-Boo night and Turkey day will be upon us before you know it and along with it the official kick off of the holiday shopping season.
But let’s not get to far ahead of ourselves here, I just wanted to remind you readers of the coming attractions and happenings.

What’s on your calendar?

  • Short weekend locale vacations on the back-roads and main streets of New England’s inland, seacoast and mountain regions?
  • Day drives through country side taking in the vibrant deep New England Autumn foliage?
  • A bed and Breakfast and some great dinning out?
  • Local Autumn festivities and fairs?
  • Let’s not forget planning for Spooky-Boo night, which is only just a few weeks away.

No mater what your passion is for enjoyment and relaxation October is a great month and time of year. Autumn, or any seasonal mini vacations are always great refreshers and great escapes from the daily stress’s and demands in our busy daily lives.

Everyone needs some personal living and enjoyment time; and mini vacations do not break the bank and leave us broke. They are practical, affordable, economically feasible, and convenient.

They are also a great way to contribute to the local and neighboring economies; and They require minimum planning and preparation because your close to home. And the best part; we create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

So what do you think? Is it workable for you?

If so, Go for it.

One of the beautiful things about our modern day and age is that little gems and local gold mines are just a google away…

Or throw a request out to your social media circle for suggestions for great cozy dinning and lodging places.

Alternately day trips are also a great alternative if you don’t want to stay overnight.

Don’t let this Autumn pass you by; get out and enjoy it this season, Enjoy Life!.


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