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Topsfield Fair celebrating 200 yrs. of Tradition

 We’re just 3 Days away from the kick off of a Two Hundred Year old American Tradition.

The Famous “Topsfield Fair”.

As September rolls into October Here in the northern suburbs of Boston, the festivities are still in full swing. We’re on the eve (just days away) from the kick off, of the bicentennial (200 yr.) celebration of the birth of the Essex Agricultural Society, and Their famous “Topsfield Fair”.

The Essex County Agricultural Society began as A Group consisting of about 20 “practical farmers” that held a meeting at the Cyrus Cummings Tavern in Topsfield Ma in February of 1818. With the goal of promoting Agricultural interest.

Timothy Pickering
Timothy Pickering

“The meeting attracted a who’s who of Essex County’s most prominent and well-respected citizens, including attorneys, wealthy merchants, and politicians. Among them was the Honorable Timothy Pickering, a hero of the American Revolution who later served as Postmaster General, Secretary of War, and Secretary of State and also as a senator and a congressman. Within weeks, these farmers had formed the Essex Agricultural Society as an offshoot of the Massachusetts Society for the Promotion of Agriculture, and they elected Pickering as their first president.” (read more here)

The Topsfield fair is now an eleven day long celebration full of New England style fun, traditions and festivities held every Autumn.

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From Human Cannonballs to Demolition Derbies, to live music, farm stands, and seas of tents full of local merchants, carnival tents, rides, Farm animals and even weddings and dancing The Tops field fair is always huge annual event for both locals and tourist’s alike.

Click on over to the Topsfield Fairs website Here and check out the history, special events and all the festivities for this years 200th celebration.

Our first commander and Chief and General of the Continental Army George Washington himself along with many other of America’s founders have traveled through the grounds of where the fair is held as that road was once the main route between Boston, and the northern settlements and towns and our northern states in the colonial days when the United States was still in its infancy.

We here at Bradford LifeStyles are looking forward to the Topsfield Fair Bicentennial Celebration and hope to see you there  at some of the great events like the Swifty Swine Racing event, or perhaps watching the Swimming Pigs.


A fun time for all at the Topsfield Fair 200 bicentennial festivities this year. Let’s all join in the festivities and Keep Making America Great and celebrating our history and heritage.


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