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A 9/11 Message To The Trump Haters

Disheartening & Frustrating
The sad sad list of the American Left’s atrocities.
I’ve heard it said it’s usually not a good idea as a business owner to speak out on politics and/or religion because no matter what your views or what side you’re on you alienate and shut off a large portion of potential customers.
For a new business that’s only in its infancy and in a new start up situation, that could be a disastrous move and a certain recipe for failure. But I as an individual am an American first, and this business is an American business.
Bradford LifeStyles is not affiliated with any political party, is not a republican business nor are we a democrat or libertarian, or socialist business nor any other political entity. We are not a business of color, we are neither a black, white, brown, yellow, red, nor a purple pink poker doted Trump eating business. (Ok that’s not the whole truth we’re a red white and blue business) But we are not a left, right, nor centered business. Not an African American, Irish American, Black American, Italian American, Mexican American, or the any of the like, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Satanic, Catholic or any of the above and then some. NONE OF THEM.
WE ARE JUST AN AMERICAN BUSINESS PERIOD; Chasing our little piece of the American Dream.
That means we do not discriminate against anyone.
We do not boycott other business because of the owner’s personal political views.
We do not censor or attempt to, nor will we attempt to shut down the free speech rights of our users (when we launch the discussion boards) we are currently building that will soon be implemented.
We do not refuse to advertise for any business because of the owner’s political views or which party or candidate they may support. If you’re an American business, we welcome your listing with us and we look forward to driving traffic to your web sites and brick and mortar outlets. Period!
You hurt one American, one American business, you hurt us all. You hurt every American. You hurt America herself. You hurt yourself, your friends, family members, neighbors, etc.

Today is September 12, the day after the 17th anniversary of the horrendous attacks on our nation.
Do you remember the effect those attacks had on you?
Did you give a flying monkeys rats ass at that time or in the days and weeks that followed who was a democrat or who was a republican or libertarian?
No of course not. What we witnessed in the days that followed was an amazing sight to behold. In spite of the terror, we all felt, the fear, the uncertainty of what was coming and what to expect next and the confusion that engulfed our nation and our people. Americans from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic; from the northern to the southern borders put all their differences aside, we all threw them in the trash where they belonged and united together as one people. That made me proud to be an american and to witness that.
Volunteer’s and businesses from all over this great land contributed and did what ever they could, Shops, stores, hotels in New York stayed open around the clock helping to support the victims the first responders and countless others feeding them, clothing them, giving them a place to sleep and rest between shifts…The list could go on and on and on…
In our nation’s capital and around the country in state capitals, city halls and town halls politics ceased to exist. There were no Republicans, no Democrats just Americans, our elected leaders all working together to protect our people and our homeland.
There was no fake media and propaganda attacks on our elected officials.
There was no weaponization of our top law enforcement agencies, the FBI, CIA, Etc. No high-ranking rouge agents creating false narratives and dossiers for political purposes.
There was no weaponization of our I.R.S. attempting to attack and undermine political groups like the Tea party and others for the purpose of one party gaining control.
There were no politically motivated mobs like Antifa, BLM, rioting and looting, burning down businesses and city blocks in protest, or/and mobs assaulting presidential supporters trying to attend presidential political rallies.
There were no politicians calling for violence against members of the presidential cabinet members where ever they might be, (having dinner with family at local eateries or diners etc.)
No nasty personal verbal attacks on the president calling him hateful names like racist, Nazi and the like, no attacks on the first lady or calling for the death, abuse and torcher of an innocent child of the first family.
There were no Attacks and boycotts of the businesses of the president’s daughter in attempt to shut them down.
The list goes on and on.
Where did all this hate from the left come from?
And YES! It is all coming from the left and the democratic camp and that is the Facts
It’s time to open my mouth and pick a side and take a stand, our president is right, The left and Democratic members of congress are obstructionists.
But even worse, the left has not only fallen off the edge they have become down right possessed with a hateful demonic force and spirit. And it’s horrifying to watch this take place and witness this happening.
I’m getting up there in age and the thought of my children and nieces and nephews and extended family members (many of which have a mix of people from around the globe from all races and nationalities, black, Hispanic, Irish, Italian, German, French, [all of which are great hardworking Americans]) …
Having to live through and experience a civil war-ravaged homeland, and civil war, having to fight and kill their fellow Americans, and or live in burned out buildings and cities with no running water, scrapping for food and suffering through daily live in a hell hole that was once the greatest nation in the world totally horrifies and Disgusts me.
I beg all my fellow Americans to take a stand and help put down this rabid hateful evil force toward our president that has come to possess the left and the democratic party. He has done wrong other than to attempt to move us in the right direction and make us strong militarily and economically again and the world a safer place. (Now that’s not to say that everyone in the republican party is perfect or all demarcates and socialist are bad) but it’s pretty clear and obvious that it is they (the left and democrats)who are the evil driving force here at this time in our history and trying to divide us and we as Americans CAN NOT AND WILL NOT ALLOW THIS.

Please vote Republican in this coming midterm election. We can not afford to stand idly by and watch our great nation fall into chaos. And if you are a democrat please stay home come election day and show the democratic party and it’s leaders that you are an American first also and that you too are disgusted with their behavior and what they have done and what they have become.

Walk away and/or stay home.

It’s time to stand united again and save America.



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