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Inch by Inch It’s a Cinch

Inch by Inch It’s a cinch

Yard by yard it’s Hard

Everyone at one time or other has dreamed of being rich and living the good life. We’ve all had fantasies of hitting that big huge lottery jackpot, and/or invested in various opportunities, ( some of which turned out to be cons, schemes and the like) that looked and sounded like a sure way to beat the odds and daily struggles of working for a paycheck hoping to become better off and financially secure and perhaps even get rich, only to find that we have been taken by a con or that the investment was not the sound secure investment we had thought would change our life and pull us up out of the ranks of societies struggling working class poor. And there is nothing wrong with that.

It’s a good thing to dream and chase our dreams. So long as they do not become a destructive force in our lives. And then of course there are those unsavory characters and business entities who prey on the vulnerability of people with their sophisticated and elaborate schemes and sales promotions. It’s sad that some people are so greedy that they will throw humanity out the window to profit at the expense of others by looting their finances or selling junk that is not worth the cost of junk itself.

Greed and money affect people in strange ways with out a doubt. Thus, we all have to be wise with our hard earned money and savings. It’s no picnic getting ripped off or being taken advantage of. A very wise man once said many a century ago “A fool and his money soon part company”. What exactly does that mean A fool and his money. Does that mean it’s our own fault if we happen to get taken by a con, or purchase something that is of garbage quality? What about on the business end, does that mean that if a business owner makes a poor business decision and that business suffers a loss they are a fool?

No of course not. Well perhaps sometimes, but there are many a mired of variables that can come into play in any given financial or investment situation and they are not always giant flashing neon lights and warning signs that this is a bad idea. And the same holds true when we purchase products on the internet or invest in online opportunities.

That fact of the matter is that for most of us the only way to financial independence and financial security is the long slow way, and that requires a lot of hard work. Getting up and going to work every day, putting a little money aside in our rainy-day fund, and investigating and researching who we deal with in our daily business dealings and financial opportunities that present themselves to us.

We have to learn to count the cost. The amount of time energy and money we will need to invest. We also need to take an inventory of ourselves; our assets and liabilities. What are our strengths and weaknesses, and likewise what the strengths and weaknesses are of our competitors, what do we have to work with and what’s the best we can arrive at. Then we have to compensate for our weaknesses by hiring qualified people and contracting out the areas of our weakness by networking with people and companies that will strengthen us.

The same applies when purchasing products and services online over the internet. We need know and understand who we are dealing with and the quality of the products we purchase. If a problem develops, what kind of customer service are we going to receive. Is that company solid with their security or weak and easy prey for hackers to sneak in the back door and steal our personal and financial information?

There are tons of examples where even large secure and solid companies have been breached and thousands of customers personal and private information has been stolen. Buying and selling online is like walking through a mine field where one wrong step can get you blown up and your financial security, life savings, and/or identity stolen devastated. That’s the reality of life in our modern times and high-tech world. It’s sad but it is what it is, it’s just a hard cold fact of life. But there are just as many if not more people and businesses that are honest, fair and decent and who value their customers and would never sacrifice customer satisfaction and quality for a buck. We like to think we we fall into that category and that’s our goal here at Bradford LifeStyles.

So as a small online business owner I can certainly understand the skepticism of people that are a little stand offish and hesitant of buying products and services online. There are literally millions of eCommerce websites out there in the online market place and it’s almost impossible to vet every site you consider buying from. So what’s the solution if you’re a buyer, Amazon? They are certainly a giant of the eCommerce realm and almost impossible it seems to compete with in the online market place. They dominate everything in almost every market. They are a force to be reckoned with without a doubt and a fierce competitor.

Then of course there is that darn S.E.O. thingy; for a small online business; it is extremely difficult to get high rankings on the search engines; Key Words are just simply not enough it seems. Yet Amazon seems to have the dib’s when it comes to ranking number 1 on the search engines. But that is a blog for another posting and we will not get into that right now. Amazon has won the hearts and wallets of Americans in the eCommerce market place and we hope to do that too. Amazon is one of those rear success stories we hear about from time to time.

On the one hand that’s not a bad thing as amazon does host to a mired of businesses and average people giving them the opportunity to sell and make money on the internet. But while Amazon is a great company they are more money oriented and sometimes seem grossly unfair with those who sell on their marketplace with their sellers guidelines and policies I personally have read a number of instances where Amazon has shut down and or suspended sellers accounts for seemingly minor infractions, e.g. to many returns, not selling enough products ect. one only needs to research this to validate this claim. NO new start up is an overnight success.

I recently did an investigation of some of the most successful sellers on Amazon hoping to mimic and copy some of the Technics they were using and pick up a few tips I could apply to my own site. I found the results to be shocking. One in particular turned out to be a great great great grandchild (multiple subsidies of a major US Corporation) And we all know why Corporations create subsidies…(usually to avoid having to pay more in taxes). Its no secret rich people do it all the time. It’s sort of like buying Zero Coupon Bonds, they mature with compounding interest rates and are completely tax exempt. There is nothing wrong with it, It’s perfectly legit and legal and a part of the way big businesses and the rich do business. it is what it is. It’s just the way it is. For decades major corporations have been putting little mom and pop shops and stores out of business because mom and pop do not have the capital and the buying power multi-million dollar Corporations have.

But what about the small businesses that want to be independent entities and do not want to sell on Amazon, at what point does a company become to large? There is a reason we have enacted anti-trust laws. And that reason was to ensure and guarantee a fair and level playing field for all business small and large.

And then of course, again; we have the government who wants their cut of our hard earned money, So the game is pretty much rigged against small businesses, it’s an all uphill struggle and we here at Bradford LifeStyles are struggling and trudging up that steep hill. But you know what? We are not giving up and with your help we can make it and be another success story and help bring other struggling companies up along with us to the top.

We can All help pull each other up to the top. It was small businesses and the American consumers that built America and made America Great, Only we the people can make it happen again by buying American made products. Charity begins at home, so make a commitment to buy American made Products. That’s what we are all about here at Bradford LIfeStyles. All you need is your daily bread, the rest is all gravy and right now all we have is the bear bones meat and potatoes on our plate and we hope to get a serving of gravy at some point down the road. Everyone likes their Gravy right?… Yeah we do too And we intend to get our gravy by pointing our visitors to American companies and by selling great american made products and providing great customer service as best we can. Lets all do our part to make America great. As we move forward and push all the way up this hill we will be adding more and more American companies for our site visitors to shop from. If that is all I accomplish through this site then this site will have served its purpose and done it’s part and helping to make America great again. And for that I will be eternally grateful and proud that I was part of something that is so much bigger than I am, and i’m inviting you to join us and come along for the ride with us.

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