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Trouble in Alabama

Trouble in Alabama

No Sales to You

We have a sad announcement to make concerning our policy on sales to residents and citizens within the jurisdiction of the state of Alabama.

Bradford LifeStyles will no longer be offering/selling or shipping products, and merchandise to the state of Alabama. We have suspended all Sales operations in Alabama until further notice.
We here at Bradford LifeStyles offer our sincere apology to the people of Alabama.

This is not a boycott in any way of the people of Alabama. IT problems with our MAT account with the Alabama DOR have resulted in excessive penalties, fines, and fee’s.

We are currently working with some wonderful people at the Alabama DOR to resolve the issue and we are exonerated and freed from having to pay these unjustified penalties and fees.

Again, our sincere apology to the citizens of Alabama, but all are still welcome to join our site.


While our issue seems to be a technical issue and we hope will only be temporary, we’d like to take the opportunity to invite  all states in the union on behalf of Bradford LifeStyles and respectfully request all state’s and their legislators to come together and enroll your state in ‘THE UNIFORM STATE SALES TAX PROJECT” and modify your tax codes to become compliant with the SSTP to help ease the complicity and streamline the reporting process of taxes for all small businesses like Bradford LifeStyles.


We ask that if your state is not part of the SSTP, that you contact and petition your state legislators to comply with the above request and invitation.


We’re confident this will only be a temporary suspension and are working with the Alabama DOR to resolve the issue.

 On another Note:

We hope everyone is enjoying and having a wonderful, happy, and safe Independence Day as we all Celebrate the Birth of Our Great Nation. 

FILE – In this July 21, 1997 file photo, the Blue Angels fly in formation over the USS Constitution as she free sails off the coast of Marblehead, Mass., in celebration of her 200th birthday. The frigate, nicknamed “Old Ironsides,” had not sailed on her own for more than 116 years. On Sunday, Aug. 19, 2012, the ship is scheduled to again raise sails on a cruise to mark the day two centuries ago when the Constitution bested the British frigate HMS Guerriere in a fierce battle during War of 1812. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa, File)

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