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The American Passion For Fashion Beauty Pageant Project

Welcome to our newest project everyone. We’re hosting a Beauty  Pageant of sorts; through out the summer and into the Autumn through the holiday and new year;  a series of posts introducing American companies, this will be an ongoing project and think it will be a lot of fun. Think of it as attending a beauty pageant watching all the beautiful models (American companies) gracefully and eloquently glide along the runway.

American Passion is not restricted to just stylish apparel and accessories, If it’s American Made, it’s a passion no matter the industry…That’s what made america great in the first place. It was the entrepreneurs, the people, Americans that built that economic giant that changed the world and guided her into the modern world through revolutions and our fight for independence from the British Crown. civil wars, world wars, cold wars, depressions and recessions, from the bottom of the seas to the Moon, Mars, and beyond American passion has no boundaries. It’s American’s That make America Great and we’re going to introduce as many of them to you as we can in a beauty pageant blog series sort of way.

While we begin working on interviewing the contestants for future articles and spotlighting American Companies for this project we’d like to present to our readers a great article we found on one of the American company’s we have listed in our Made in America Menu. The article is entitled “Why You Should Buy Sportswear Made in the USA” and is featured on the website of SPORTPORT (found under the menu tab “American Made”. 


Athletes know that quality compression sportswear apparel can be key to successful performance. As an example, most athletes won’t run a competitive marathon in a pair of cheaply priced, low quality sneakers. Why you shouldn’t goes way beyond the problems or discomfort of running in shoddy shoes. Here’s why shopping local products, made in the USA, supports a bigger cause!


Fitness apparel and compression sportswear products made in America are created by employees in clean and safe working environments while earning a fair wage, unlike many other manufacturing countries who seem to…

Read the full article by clicking [HERE]

 Stay Tuned folks, we have lots of Great American Companies that will be strolling down the runway for your viewing, reading, browsing and early holiday (and year round) shopping pleasure.

From Bradford LifeStyles to All Americans;

We Thank You, and wish you all a Happy, Joyful and Safe

Independence Day Celebration

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