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Calling an Audible

Bradford LifeStyles Calls an Audible on it’s Advertising Policy

No more free rides.

Bradford LifeStyles will no longer continue randomly listing the names of American companies and providing free advertising for American Companies without their pre-approval. We’ve sent out a number of emails attempting to initiate contact with many of the American Companies we’ve recently listed on our site informing them of the free placement. However, sadly we have had no response what’s so ever, not even a simple thank you. Not that we were looking for any praise or reward, we just wanted to try to do something, anything, to help strengthen our economy and our part in helping to make America Great again.

So, we’ve reconsidered, and will be altering our plan as we move forward here with this plan and will not be randomly adding just any American company but rather will only be listing American Companies that request to be listed and will not be listing any company on our site without their permission.

Thus this weekend we will also begin removing the current listings that are now posted, so if you have clicked around and found some you like we suggest you book mark them for your future shopping reference and the holiday shopping season that will soon be upon us. Of course you could always use the search engines like Google to find American companies that manufacture and/or sell only American made products.

Thank you all for your membership, patronage and for shopping at Bradford LifeStyles.



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