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It’s a Walk-A-Bout Weekend

I have a home-made walking stick I use when I do walk-a-bouts and hiking trips in the local wooded reservation in my area. It’s not the prettiest or best made staff. In fact, it’s not even really homemade, it’s just a nice five-foot tree branch I happened to pick up one day along the trail while hiking through the woods a couple years ago during the winter months.

I call it my Wile e coyote beater. That year was a bad winter. We had some coyote attacks on people and their pets in the area around that time. I had completely forgotten about the attacks that day I went for my walk -a-bout. I recall growing a bit nervous as I strolled along the wooded path trudging through the two-foot-deep snow and thinking how tough the winter must have been for the animals to find food during such a harsh winter and began wondering if I might run across a fox or Coyote. The idea of being unarmed did not sit right for me so I began looking for a good dead tree branch I could use as a club should I have an encounter and unwanted rundavoo with a hungry wild animal.

I wasn’t exactly unarmed, I just didn’t feel all that comfortable and safe with only a small pocket knife that I usually carried in my pocket. So as you can imagine I was tickled pink when I stumbled upon what would become my new walking stick. It was the perfect thickness, the perfect high and length and it was a strong solid branch that would not break very easily if it encountered some hard blows. I brushed off the snow and sat on a big boulder that extended up out of the ground on the side of the trail and began stripping the bark and trimming off the small twigs and branches. I instantly fell in love with the feel, look, weight and strength and durability of it and it became my trusty walk-a-bout partner for the next three years.

Why is this important and what’s it have to do with you, you’re probably asking yourself right now?

Well I’ll tell you! Absolutely nothing if your not an outdoor person and don’t venture out into the wilderness parks in your area during the winter months (or the summer for that matter) but it brings to mind just how handy and important walking sticks and staffs can be in certain circumstances. Which leads me to the main point and reason for this post. I want to introduce to you a few of our professionally made in America canes, walking sticks, staff’s and trekking poles that we sell here on Bradford LifeStyles.

In fact, we’re offering them for sale this coming weekend from Friday June 15th thru Sunday June 17th, at 15% off, for all our walking sticks and trekking poles. Simply enter the promo code “Walk-A-Bout” during the check out process and you’ll receive 15% off the listed price.

E.G. Take a peek sneak preview of this great Dragon Walking Stick

It is fashioned, like many of our other walking sticks, from the highest grade of high impact Polypropylene available,assuring its imperviousness to the elements and guaranteeing it is virtually indestructible. Weather you run into a Bear, Dragon, Fox, or Coyote while walking You will feel safe, secure and comfortable with this by your side and this along with all the others we have in stock is your’s this weekend at a discount of 15% off the retail price.

Or perhaps you might prefer The Cold Steels Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick. It has been a firm fan favorite since its inception. Its good looks, combined with its hard-wearing materials have made it an often imitated but never equaled classic! Cold Steel is proud to add a “little brother” to the line-up. A shorter, lighter model that is simply named the Blackthorn Shillelagh and Bradford LifeStyles is proudly offering this also at a discount of 15% off the retail price. with the promo code “Walk-A-Bout

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