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Stormy Sea’s But We’re Still Afloat

Dam! this e-commerce bitt is a tough gig
We’ve been hit with Storm after storm. Tossed and turned; and thrown all about. We’ve been wacked over, and over, again, and again; with hard hitting sea’s. Low and behold once again, we find ourselves beaten and tattered.


The Good news is we are still afloat, and still hanging in there. The storm has quieted down and we’re in a lull taking inventory and restocking the holds and catalog.


On another note;

Some even better news is that We are beginning to implement connections to American owned and operated companies from coast to coast and around the internet as a directory of All American Made products, services, and merchandise. Our directory will include only sellers and makers of American Made Products and Merchandise. We’ll currently building a number of category menu’s and pages with hundreds and hundreds of American Companies for our site’s visitors click through, to browse, price shop, get gift ideas, home decorating idea’s and much more and shop from.
It’s our way of giving back and doing our part in helping to M.A.G.A. “Make America Great Again”. We’ve worked to long and too hard to come this far trying to build Bradford LifeStyles to just abandon ship and let her sink and go down. If she’s going down, she’s going down helping the rest of the American fleet and way of life. It’s a huge project but we’re up for the task.

The compass points seemed to be pointing in the direction of prosperity for America and we want to do our part to keep fleet on course and direct shoppers to some great All American Made Steals and deals as they navigate our All-American Made Treasure hunt pages.
But this ship’s not going down and we’ll be back with the fleet in no time. We might be changing up our layout and color scheme also. But in the meantime, enjoy your “Our American Treasure Hunt” now through the holidays.

Bear with us as we rebuild The Bradford LifeStyles Site. But Please…

Do enjoy our All American Directory,

We’ll be adding new Categories and Business listings continually, (daily/weekly) over the course of the next few months.

Be sure to do your Summer, Autumn, Holiday and Gift Shopping early and often.


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