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Buckle up Folks

We’re about to get underway here people and it looks like stormy weather may be heading this way please be sure to keep your life preservers handy.

Just kidding folks. But I must say it’s been a tough shake down. We’ve encountered a lot of problems (and we didn’t even get out of the channel yet)

We apologize for keeping you all waiting on shore for so long. Please do except out sincere apology; but now it’s time to head out into the open internet sea and have some fun. No worries and don’t mind the Pirates and the shark infested waters, our vessel is solid and sea as worthy as any other vessel out there on the internet.

Now I know what you’re thinking… “(Ya Right!) that’s what they said about the Titanic”; but no really, we promise to keep ya’ll safe and sound while we sale around the net exploring exotic far away places treasure hunting and we’re confident you all will find some great steals, deals, and awesome bargains.

Before I go any further, I’d like to first give you all a quick briefing and bring you all up to date on recent events. As you might have noticed, we have a whole new menu full of outdoor living products and you’re probably wondering what happened to all the great home essentials and living items we packed our cargo holds with….

Whelp! We sort of had some last minute unexpected developments that forced us to empty the holds and then restock them with a whole new line of products and categories. We had a mutiny of sorts.

Apparently one of our suppliers did not like the idea that our captains an idiot and felt he was to inexperienced to command an e-commerce vessel and do business with us. And I mean no malice or insult when I use the word idiot, in fact I use it with humor. (thank the good Lord our boss has a sense of humor or I’d be walking the plank right now).

There was no explanation given, only the polite brush off, run around, and excuses; which leads me to wondering if their actions were not politically motived because the boss is very out spoken on the internet, holds nothing back, tells it like it is and has a mouth that would embarrass a truck driver. He is also a diehard conservative, loves America and wants to see America restored to it’s Greatness once again.

The boss is by no means an idiot, he’s just old school; and may not be the savviest tech guy or successful and/or schooled business man in e-commerce retail industry and is honest and fair and would never screw anyone over intentionally.

I mean give him a modern computer with all the App’s security and other features he is fine but not so much when it comes to computer languages like java script, C++ and writing code. We have a good laugh watching him fumble around studying and learning all the high tech language and network and security administration tools from our engineers. He’s like the Johnny 5 robot when it learned to read in the movie Short circuit; “Ah input, input, must have more input” but on the other hand give him some wood, a saw, hammer and nails and he’ll perform miracles before your very eyes. The boss has also worked when in his younger years before entering the constructions industry in the retail and wholesale industry and has a solid foundation of knowledge in numerous areas and he loves a good fight and challenge. So he brings a lot to the table here and is well armed, thus you are in good hands on this voyage.

Now I may be wrong with my thoughts here with regard to this being some somewhat of a politically motivated bushwhacking or corporate espionage thing but that’s just me. I am Squiggly, (AKA Cap’n Mac, around the office), the editor and the main contributor for the Bradford LifeStyles newsletter and blog.

So Ya, we’ve had some setbacks recently but that’s life, right? We all fall down and/or get tripped up once and a while. The only sin in all of it is not getting back up, dusting our self-off, and trudging forward again. It’s all about what we have to work with and what’s the best we can arrive at and never give up. That’s what life is all about right? But enough of that, lets move on.

All our previous promotions that were posted last month, e.g. the “Grill Fest USA” seasonal promotion is now no longer active. Well at least until we can contract with another supplier. Kind of a bummer actually we had some great products stacked and packed down in the cargo holds; all kinds of great products from kitchen appliances, computers and electronics, household items, to patio lawn and garden products, and much more. But it is what it is and now we’re moving on with plans to set sale again.

None of us here in the office really liked the idea that most of the products we had in the cargo hold were made in china, (no insult intended toward the Chinese). This supplier that dumped us happens to be an American company celebrating its centennial business anniversary this year. Not all their fault mind you, Business is like life you do what needs to be done to survive. We as a whole (We Americans that is) brought it on our selves and have no one to blame but ourselves; for the past thirty/forty years we have elected the wrong politicians who did not have the best interest of the American people at heart. They implemented bad policies with trade, taxes and numerous other policies; and what we see now is the result of those policies. The middle class of America in nearly extinct, but lucky for us we now have a great leader in the White house.

Again; enough with the politics, as this is not a political blog. It’s a retail website; but just to give you fair warning.  You will find off topic publications and posts like this from time to time. I pretty much free reign as far as what’s published, and what is not here; with the exception of the certain things that might guarantee me a trip to the end of the plank and a plunge into the shark infested waters below. That’s why me and the boss get along so well; I too refuse to bow to political correctness and hold nothing back. I try to tell it like it is (or at least as I perceive things to be). That is one of the things you will find here that you may not find on other retail sites.

So, moving on here and wrapping things up! As you can see our newest menu is full of outdoor living products; hiking, camping, hunting, survival products. At least for the time being anyway and more categories and products will be continually added; as we move forward on this great adventure, we have embarked on.

We invite you all to come along, shop, don’t shop, follow our blog/newsletter, join as a member, sell through our site, advertise with us. We have lots of ideas and things we hope and plan on implementing. Whatever floats your boat. If not, no problem, we honestly do not give a flying monkey rat’s ass; go shop at Amazon if you’re a fan of the jolly greed giant. (Laughing, I have to test the waters with that one to see what the bosses reaction will be) but if you want to shop with us we’ll be here and will do our best to be fair, honest and provide you with great deals, quality products, and great prices and we’re just a chat away if you need anything or have any questions. Well that wraps up this post, So Peace to you all and I’m out.

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